Mouth-to-Snout Saves Dog After Fire

Wisconsin firefighters resuscitate Labrador trapped in a burning house.
0:40 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Mouth-to-Snout Saves Dog After Fire
Firefighters -- courageous -- every day but doing mouth to mouth resuscitation on -- -- Probably among the most courageous. You keep reading to cook though until lots -- -- bravest arrived in a burning house for a seven year old Labrador named -- was trapped on the second floor. They got through their thick smoke NFL -- -- when He was barely breathing so what do they do. Mouth to snout resuscitation of course the two men say they were just doing their jobs that job of course quite simply is saving. Lives by any means. Society look that look at those stocks look like they're just going to be that we just fine those guys are heroes. --

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{"id":14787047,"title":"Mouth-to-Snout Saves Dog After Fire","duration":"0:40","description":"Wisconsin firefighters resuscitate Labrador trapped in a burning house.","url":"/US/video/mouth-snout-saves-dog-fire-14787047","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}