Movers Won't Evict 103-Year-Old Woman

Georgia sheriff's deputies also refused to remove woman from foreclosed home.
1:21 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for Movers Won't Evict 103-Year-Old Woman
And then it is happening to. Fulton County sheriff deputies and movers showed up today after Deutsche Bank planned to kick the family out. The moving company and the deputies took one look at mislead and decided this would not happen today assault the sheriffs who carry him to put him out. Take off -- -- I gave all glory to god -- spam has been waging a war against Dutch bank you were all. Mountain time particularly. Noland. You know listen to him. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know the -- -- Watson and -- Chad -- Chad and pending family is a little. With me at -- at a -- and. This -- in case has been in the courts for years Tuesday possible eviction proved too much. For miss -- 83 year old daughter she had to be rushed to the hospital. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Clinton. And -- only welcome -- in the evening thing. -- saying if. I love you -- thing. So this call is behind that window tonight where she's been for the last fifty years she tells me she hopes he can continue to stay there hopefully they'll be able what is now with the bank. Reported in northwest Atlanta Ryan -- channel two action news.

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{"id":15056954,"title":"Movers Won't Evict 103-Year-Old Woman","duration":"1:21","description":"Georgia sheriff's deputies also refused to remove woman from foreclosed home.","url":"/US/video/movers-and-deputies-will-not-evict-103-year-old-woman-15056954","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}