Nevada Middle School Shooter Used Semi-Automatic Gun

Police are trying to determine a motive in the shooting that killed a teacher and injured two students.
3:16 | 10/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nevada Middle School Shooter Used Semi-Automatic Gun
Yesterday our community was stunned. By the shooting at sparks middle school. The response by local law enforcement and other emergency responders was nothing short of phenomenal. And I want to really expand. Our gratitude to everybody involved. It's extremely important at this point in time that we focus on the victims. In this situation. Mr. Lansbury and it's -- morning. The two surviving students. And their families. The assailants. Parents and family. And of course the students and faculty sparks middle school. Where are we in the investigation. The two students that have survived are stable and recovering. We have completed preliminary interviews of -- witnesses. After school. The crime scene has been processed. We are actively looking into any potential. Relationships between the suspects. Excuse me the suspect -- the victims. We -- in the process of tracing the origin of the firearm. Now all we had been in contact with the parents of the suspect in this matter and out of respect for them we will not be releasing the identity of the shooter. They are grieving. Parents. And are going through. Very challenging difficult time. All of the weapon used was a Ruger nine millimeter. Semiautomatic handgun. As I mentioned earlier we're in the process of tracing the origin. Of that weapon. We believe that the student got it from his residence. -- go over with you -- very basic timeline of what occurred. Shortly before 715. These student arrived on school grounds. He shot. A student. In the shoulder this occurred near the north hallway. Of the school. He proceeded itself down. And encountered. The teacher mr. Lansbury. On the basketball court they were actually walking towards each other chief -- -- elaborate on that shortly. The suspect shot the teacher. Continued southbound. Shot a second student in the abdomen. Turned around walked northbound. And then shot himself. At no time did any shooting occur within the building of the school itself. There were no shots. By law enforcement. Everybody wants -- That's the big question. The answer is we don't know right now. But we are proactively. Trying to determine. Why.

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{"id":20647721,"title":"Nevada Middle School Shooter Used Semi-Automatic Gun ","duration":"3:16","description":"Police are trying to determine a motive in the shooting that killed a teacher and injured two students.","url":"/US/video/nevada-middle-school-shooter-semi-automatic-gun-20647721","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}