Newborn Abandoned in Sidewalk Box

Pennsylvania cleanup crew found the girl, who's listed in good condition.
1:16 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for Newborn Abandoned in Sidewalk Box
It's just unbelievable unbelievable -- It -- urged me to my heart that town neighbors reacted to the news that a newborn baby. Had been found in this bonds it was left on the sidewalk in front of a small daycare center at the corner of 27 in Huntington. Robert Taylor and his friends over Keller found -- they were there have been some community cleanup work -- bought the box was just another piece of clock to get Virgo. Taylor -- to get supplies. Over -- the box from another title clash in the middle of lost that's when police say Paul Beaver Creek. When he opened -- box and found the baby wrapped in blankets on to a -- -- -- -- -- -- If you don't care for release. -- wrote that they have some of the places -- can take cues to -- -- taken to police stations and they're into the hospitals. And it is just pathetic. Police say the baby still had the umbilical cord attached and had been born just hours earlier. She weighed in at five and a half pounds the gutter to the hospital in time to have a chance that's a lot more than her mother gave her. Neighbors are discussed. They could abort the baby that may have may have noted on the army but that could disrupt anybody on history is -- -- -- -- now. You know is crazy.

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{"id":15220893,"title":"Newborn Abandoned in Sidewalk Box","duration":"1:16","description":"Pennsylvania cleanup crew found the girl, who's listed in good condition.","url":"/US/video/newborn-abandoned-in-sidewalk-box-15220893","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}