N.J. Girl Grabs Wheel When Grandfather Dies

Miranda Bowman, 12, took action to stop the speeding pickup truck.
1:34 | 07/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for N.J. Girl Grabs Wheel When Grandfather Dies
He said Randy just keep talking me -- keep talking twelve year old -- -- -- those words or strange she and her grandfather Paul Parker. Had just left New Jersey motorsports park in -- bill. 63 year old said he wasn't feeling well they're like thirty seconds later I hadn't helped cap on the -- And that's -- I -- Parker died of a massive heart attack his foot was on the accelerator. Card. It's up to eight miles per hour -- -- -- rode my panel and start screening. Buckle. Mental she tried to push the brake the car slowed a bit but continues to -- down the road. Crossing over the opposite lane. I just so -- so at way. And avoiding -- telephone pole right next -- Went through Simmons Lyon ran over a little tree and they took out three other -- and it's I just can't imagine her seeing it she -- Her watching her grandfather passed in front of her and having reactions that she -- -- just. So so lucky that I think it. That's because the airbags deployed -- -- -- -- -- was able to walk away with only some bumps and bruises. Her quick thinking to slow the car likely saved her life. Her grandfather though is dead it's been a bittersweet week for -- and his mother Stephanie. She's had conflicting emotions since Tuesday's accident -- -- not experiencing a loss as much as everybody else because I'm too grateful right now and left the bill. -- -- --

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{"id":16893847,"title":"N.J. Girl Grabs Wheel When Grandfather Dies","duration":"1:34","description":"Miranda Bowman, 12, took action to stop the speeding pickup truck.","url":"/US/video/nj-girl-grabs-wheel-when-grandfather-dies-16893847","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}