NJ Pathmark Killings: Ex-Marine Suspected

Police say the gunman killed himself after fatally shooting two people.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NJ Pathmark Killings: Ex-Marine Suspected
We are certainly learning more about the -- this afternoon he apparently moved into the neighborhood. About two months ago started working here at the store some two weeks ago he worked at the stop person inside of the -- He's described as being a quiet person he really did not talk a lot to his neighbors but the few who know them are new accounts say they aren't surprised. The shooter was bent on death and destruction everyone inside the Pathmark was a possible target. He left the store and went to his car where he apparently had as weapons he returned in camouflage gear carrying an AK 47 and a handgun. Then began firing a wild barrage of bullets as he walked into the store. Authorities are still trying to determine what sent him over -- and those who knew the shooter -- -- -- not. They unusual by a brave thing just -- go -- -- value to see him going inside in his house coming out. Where I used to see when I'm from got in or out of -- -- has -- right back. Friends say the shooter had been in the military. Was originally from Brooklyn had worked in the Pathmark store -- plans to get there. From -- -- old -- you view those who don't know today in our view is he had. The fear us down there he was going through -- -- -- -- Just below the normal kid sacks. You -- this this was a murderous and malicious act. By -- gunman who apparently had no regard for the victims and could have killed other employees if they had not run for cover before he turned the gun. On himself. And just as it relates to motive that is being investigated as it relates the background of the shooter that is simply being investigated I am aware of the Baghdad there is information that's already out there. That he had a military background. We understand that none of the victims were intended targets it would just aiming his gun. And firing at any one that was in the way before he turned the gun on himself. That is the latest live from old -- New Jersey Anthony Johnson -- seven this --

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{"id":17127169,"title":"NJ Pathmark Killings: Ex-Marine Suspected","duration":"3:00","description":"Police say the gunman killed himself after fatally shooting two people.","url":"/US/video/nj-pathmark-killings-ex-marine-suspected-17127169","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}