NY House Explosion Critically Injures Woman

Investigators determining what sparked the explosion and fire at a residence in Queens.
2:21 | 05/29/13

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Transcript for NY House Explosion Critically Injures Woman
A fierce house explosion in Queens a woman inside the house seriously hurt when it first blew -- and then. Went up in flames this afternoon homers and Howard Beach queens and we're told it had been fixed under New York city's. Rapid repair program for super storm sandy the question tonight what sparked this fire I was before Josh on her at the season. -- first of all that good news the woman -- was inside that house as of now has survived her injuries is -- that now in serious condition at the investigation continues into what walked her house up its foundation and nearly killed her. Investigators from the fire marshal's office the FDMI right now trying to figure out among other things it rebuilding done here after sandy. Might have led to this. From news copter seven you can see the frantic efforts by firefighters to stop the gas that plane from consuming this house. But but the images don't show -- the drama on the ground. -- the woman inside. Begged for help she kept seeing -- -- like I can't think of him. John -- they -- managed to talk her out her firm's devastating. Goal was trying to hold face was -- -- hands and colleagues came from neighbor say the woman recently retired and lived here with -- elderly husband. Who came home just after paramedics took his wife away he wanted try to go look for a -- dramatic you know. Go against the -- devastated. The couple recently moved back into their house after flooding damage from super storm sandy -- among the thousands rebuilt through the city's rapid -- program. Though firefighters say it's too early to tell the work done here played any role in this. At Brookline want to -- drills the building supplies coming in make -- determination of the building. -- we'll have been raised. And back live you're looking at what might have been the kitchen window and I say that only because what's -- that window appears to be a dishwasher that's the extent of the devastation in that -- there are some serious questions -- about exactly when the work. Was done officials from the city funded. Rapid repair -- program tell us that the work was completed back in January but the city buildings department tells Eyewitness News that just last week. They approve permits to install a new hot water heater. And furnace inside this house of course that would involve work with the gas line investigators very much -- -- getting to the bottom up all of that.

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{"id":19283041,"title":"NY House Explosion Critically Injures Woman","duration":"2:21","description":"Investigators determining what sparked the explosion and fire at a residence in Queens.","url":"/US/video/ny-house-explosion-critically-injures-woman-19283041","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}