Occupy Protesters Buy Gas Masks

High tensions with police move some to protect themselves from tear gas.
1:12 | 11/13/11

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Transcript for Occupy Protesters Buy Gas Masks
JPEG elder sells military surplus items and -- and backs in southeast Portland. -- -- here really easy through it and popped -- of the canister the one item that has been flying off the shelves. Gas masks -- -- well -- -- by three different types of last month or so back elder says a lot of the sales have come around Halloween and over the last couple of days. This is and 61 finished gas -- we have this for self -- protesters with -- Portland have been scooping them up. Last battle in a few people come any gas mask is -- They going to tear gas smoke and we can we say -- multi use only but they are -- old fox it was military gas masks to stop this kind of Jay says many come in wanting to know one thing about the masks what was on the specific questions are asked -- Last night asked me would -- -- Terry gets about two or three times last night. -- some protesters have already packed up from loans -- and Chapman squares signs like this have been posted throughout the camp letting protesters know. How they can protect themselves from tear gas. Like police -- -- occupy protesters in Oakland earlier this month. Hopefully it doesn't come to that point black people are preparing -- the -- that they'll prepare.

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{"id":14943792,"title":"Occupy Protesters Buy Gas Masks","duration":"1:12","description":"High tensions with police move some to protect themselves from tear gas.","url":"/US/video/occupy-portland-protesters-buy-gas-masks-avoid-tear-gas-high-tensions-police-us-14943792","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}