Olympic Terror Threat: Toothpaste Tubes

Security Concerns in Sochi as airlines are warned about possible toothpaste tube bombs.
3:00 | 02/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olympic Terror Threat: Toothpaste Tubes
This is a special room. Good afternoon anti Hernandez -- new York and an ABC news digital special report. The opening ceremonies for this year's Winter Olympics -- -- -- but that didn't stop competitions from getting under way. Today men and women snowboarders stick to the course and later on -- figure skating. -- now as the games get started new concerns over a credible terrorist threat US intelligence warning that terrorists may be trying to get explosives onto airplanes. -- packing them into tubes of toothpaste ABC's -- McDonald with more on this investigation from -- The focus should now be on competition and so -- security. Is still being issue. Athletes from the US have arrived safely and -- big competition from around the world concern is keeping the remaining. Site. -- -- sending international flights into Russia. Being told by US security officials militants might try to smuggle explosives on -- would. Inside to -- -- news out. Believe it's -- -- specific and credible information security ring of steel has been built around these Olympic venues. And for good reason. In December suicide bombers killed 34 people northeast of -- in -- -- Militants have been fighting a long running insurgency in the caucuses region. And -- threatening more attacks during these gangs there are a number of of specific threats of varying degrees of credibility that we're tracking -- -- already eased restrictions -- carrying liquids and creams on flights. There's a long history now -- -- bomb plots we've ever changing tactics. He organizes of these games sport. He's the least of their -- This is a major test for Russia and -- president Vladimir prison everything rests on staging this event peacefully safely. And the world is watching. -- -- told ABC news Moscow. And there are still questions regarding this latest terror -- -- let's -- -- -- investigative reporter Lee -- hello -- -- -- other specifics have we found -- about this. Latest toothpaste threats and ABC news first found out about it yesterday. Was my college -- James -- reported yesterday when he broke the story now we know at this point is that. The part of Homeland Security. Notified airlines with flights to Moscow -- to Russia. This thread can be -- legitimate. We know the Russian government has been informed and we know that top US lawmakers like because you saw on the tape. They're taking it very seriously it's a credible and specific threat. -- we presume the attention intention for the explosives would be to bring down an airplane but are there any other possibilities that are being looked out. There were two thoughts and when the initial intelligence came on one is that. The -- would be used to actually try to bring on the plane that terrorists were traveling on. And we've talked to several demolitions experts have said that is completely possible with a small amount of explosives in the right place and I would be totally possible. The other options that the terrorist will be trying to smuggled explosives in the Sochi. You just using and flight to get there. Both of which you know the US is taking very seriously -- over the Russians. Okay what are you hearing from Russia regards to how authorities there. Are reacting and responding to the threat one of their top official spoke to the media yesterday -- early this morning I should say. And would not comment directly on the reports about to face to bomb flaws but gave the -- mind they've been using that everything is being done to secure these Olympics. There will be safer spectators and for the athletes and that will be good games. All right Lee -- thank you so much for joining us from our investigative unit. This has been an ABC news digital special report on anti Hernandez in New York. Thank you for joining us.

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{"id":22395536,"title":"Olympic Terror Threat: Toothpaste Tubes","duration":"3:00","description":"Security Concerns in Sochi as airlines are warned about possible toothpaste tube bombs.","url":"/US/video/olympic-terror-threat-toothpaste-tubes-22395536","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}