Patient Dies After Wrong Drug Injected

Florida family sues hospital after father dies from wrong medication.
3:37 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for Patient Dies After Wrong Drug Injected
-- North Shore medical center -- Absolutely. An annual Richard Smith was admitted to the icu at north -- -- medical center for observation the complaint shortness of -- Smith told doctors and it upset -- so perhaps it it over the counter and asked it was ordered by doctor. But what happened next -- the Smith family. Every day it was an unbelievable then. And stealing. This is one thing instead of giving -- Pepsi for his stomach a nurse in the icu grabbed a violent and petroleum out of -- -- drug cart. Injected into Smith's IV -- -- apparently left. And -- and -- -- used in the icu when debating patients larger doses are given to inmates being put to death. The drug apparently took over Smith's body. You basically would not lose consciousness she would have recall you'd be able to hear it should be virtually paralyzed and unable to move. With sufficient -- saying you also would not be -- -- -- Records show thirty minutes went by force Smith was and respond -- the heart. Mark Smith arrived at the hospital and was confronted by -- doctor. He basically said that now I'm sorry to have to tell you split the -- administered the wrong medication. I said well how -- that happen. You know did he read it. And they sit in -- said that the packaging of the same it's one thing to make a mistake. It's another thing to make the mistake and then turn your back and walk away from it. And leave this man unattended for thirty minutes and come back and find him cold and blue. Smith was resuscitate. Never recovered and died weeks later. A state investigation. Revealed the nurse on duty failed to read the label. Failed to -- and the medication. And a patient ID bracelet which would -- alerted to a mistake before it even happened and failed to follow safeguards. On this drug dispensing -- to prevent these types of incidents. North Shore medical center was cited by the state. That would at the hospital would go on camera but a statement to local tennis spokesperson said quote our hearts go out to the Smith family for their loss. This was a tragic event that was immediately self reported to the agency for healthcare administration. We conducted an internal review of several new processes in place to -- -- a situation like this doesn't happen again. Would you be surprise. If that durst was the working at the hospital today. -- wouldn't surprise. I will be -- that we've found that owners of Ole Ole boy arrived leaving -- medical center where he still works in the -- -- did not read the label. Simply reading the label label. This -- slapped with a 2800 dollar fine of reprimand and had to attend remediation courses are -- it taking so long to find him. Mr. -- -- talk to the hospital says this -- been quote appropriately counseled and retrained. Liz Smith and her husband were married for 55 years this house once filled with energy. Is suddenly quiet it's -- quite. Very -- about my day hearing and took the patriarch about them away.

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{"id":14985640,"title":"Patient Dies After Wrong Drug Injected ","duration":"3:37","description":"Florida family sues hospital after father dies from wrong medication.","url":"/US/video/patient-dies-wrong-drug-injected-14985640","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}