Penn State Head Coach Speaks Out

Bill O'Brien talks about how Penn State will move forward after the NCAA penalties against them.
3:00 | 08/03/12

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Transcript for Penn State Head Coach Speaks Out
So you guys -- your football players reporting on Sunday what is the last week and what is is daylight for you leading up to a training camps are. Well the biggest thing that we've done over the last. Eight to ten days is too. This to work extremely hard to keep the 2012 team together and and I'll tell you it's a testament to our players and -- our coaching staff. That we've done that and in so -- to -- For the most part our team sticking together and the guys that are in the room on Sunday when they report and those of the guys that we're we're gonna go to the season. Honestly how hard is that -- parties this job right now to convince guys to stay here at Penn State. -- what I try to do is I always try to remember. You know number one why the sanctions came down so number one is. We've got to remember the victims we've got him remember. Victims of child abuse around the world and and we will we always well. And then after that then we begin to think about you know -- why our guys came here we remind -- of that. You know the great education the ability to play great Big Ten schedule on TV in front of on an 8000 fans at. You know six to seven home games of the year so. So those are the things we think about after we understand why we're we're in this in this situation -- when a player comes up to you -- coach. You know -- -- we got really hit hard here with these sanctions. I don't know what to do thinking about may be transferring a want to weigh my options what are you stated -- player. Again I remind them of -- why they came here I talked to them about the world -- education number one you can't replace that 600000 alarms. Many many of them are coming out outside -- Philly come from outside of Philly so. They'll tell you that and what it's meant to their lives that's number one and you can't replace that and then I talked to go about their commitment to their teammates. Their ability to play on TV. Their ability to play six to seven -- type games a year right here from underneath thousand -- so. Those are the things that I that I talked to our team a lot about -- number one -- -- education. How tough is that this element from the outside looking in you see these sanctions come down in your oh my goodness -- -- these are really harsh. And I'm sure the kids and -- players were very heard as well as a coaching staff how -- it. How hard -- to. Sell that positive message when when you guys to get really are. Again that the sanctions are what they are they're there for reason we understand that. And then we moved to the positives you you can't look back on and you can't dwell on what the sanctions are you know what they are. These are the rules -- which we play under now and so what are the positives there's still many many positives. That you know people. Talk about the negatives all the time in and I understand that that's that's their job in some ways but we talk about the positives played together. Playing on TV playing in front of how many thousand fans number one again like -- six from day one as -- is the meaning. And the value of the education that you can get at Penn State so that's what we talk about other players. When you came here in January. He -- thought that something might happen to the program as far as might get penalized the did you ever think he would be his harsh. Again. You know -- really have any idea what the NCAA would do so. You know -- we are where we are these -- the sanctions these -- the rules with which we play under -- and that's what we're doing -- Had you known today. Or -- -- back -- -- you know today which he's to have taken the job. Again I'm I'm happy to be here this is a -- coaching job I'm committed to the 2012 team in. And I'm definitely have to be their head football coach am proud to be their head football coach. You have to be proud when you see guys that -- a reduction in other guys coming added that the team's facility. And showing their commitment to this to this university and yourself how proud of the coach are you when you see that. Well it's a testament to those kids you -- you know the pride that they have -- in -- school here. -- Penn State football players all about those players we we've got a great bunch of guys you know there's many many many guys. Who have committed to staying here at six guys six underclassmen come -- just this morning and really good guys good players good students. That so that they were staying here so. You know we've got a lot of the majority over 90% of our football team to stick with us and that's really -- can you describe -- Elite. Fight for you each day right now leading up to camp of of making sure that you're keeping your guys here. And that they are committed that that daily struggle on a daily fight of what you're doing for a living right. -- it's really -- -- -- from day one is is open lines of communication with our. Players are our players know that they can come into our offices anytime and talk to listen to talk to us about things other than football. Talk to us about their lives their families their school their studies. So our players have known that from day one so it's not like we're just starting to talk to our players you know seven days ago. We've we've been talking -- our players for six months and our players trust what we're tell them because we tell the truth. And -- and we respect our players and so at the end of the day I feel like that's why the majority this football -- stick with us. When you look at this offense -- and offensive minded coach when you look at this offense DC these pieces here that you know what this team can be really special this year despite. Everything that is going on with the NCAA in and not being able global -- still think -- seem to be special. What I what I like is our senior class and I think anytime you have a strong -- senior class would. With some love Philly area kids like Gerald Hodges and -- the sorrow and Justin Brown you know guys to come from that area you know. And in many others in that senior class you know. -- -- when you have a good football team usually have a strong senior class and I I believe that's what we've gotten so we've got to go out their practice well. Have a good training camp and -- start the season on a positive note. You know what are you like about that slowing coming in here believing in junior starter would you like about -- going forward. Met is a Smart guy he's tough guy he's competitive. He's got a really good grasp of the offense. He said a fantastic summer. He communicates with his teammates. He's a leader he's a senior in -- look of Florida governor -- solid -- year. -- -- -- going back to quiet things and when -- ask you about. To my knowledge or coaches different coaches from other schools on your campus in the last couple weeks and some of the players were little upset about that. Much of by the -- that guys are here trying to take your kids away. -- again those put those coaches were -- out of the rules -- thing that I would say is. Like I said last week is is that if those coaches -- give me -- -- just let me know that their -- that there recruiting -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but that's not part of the rules so. They're duel to rule says and and understand that I respected profession. I would say that -- our kids say no that that's it you know just back off our kids. Because that they want -- stay at Penn State and and that's the with a majority of our guys are saying if you were the coach of another university do you think you'd be here on Penn State's campus trying to recruit kids. Hell no not. And what he sent. That's not the right thing to do much in my opinion and so I wouldn't do to ask the body in a sense that the guys are -- you're trying to take your players what you're fighting for. Four year career in your your job in this university I'm not fighting for my career I'm fighting for Penn State and for what's wrong what's right about -- football program. And so at the end of the day like -- -- these coaches are playing and playing by the rules and that's what -- that's what -- -- You. There's a lot of tradition here so much tradition. You guys are tough spot right now but do you feel like. No one I can do this thing I mean the this is gonna turn -- for a well again it's not just me you know we've got a group of kids here -- it in a really good solid strong coaching staff. And it's a team sport and we're gonna do it together. And that's what that's the confidence that I have that we have a lot of talented people -- football program. That understand the reason why we're here. That it -- that the reason why we're here is his. Because of victims of child abuse -- and always remember that but at the same time we've got a lot of confidence in our ability to coach football and that's what we're doing we're down. Knowing everything you know now what -- What do you think of Joseph Paterno. You know again those are my thoughts on -- keep those thoughts to myself you know what you say you know police say at this point in time but. You you can understand the question but -- keep those thoughts to myself. -- it's going to be like to walk out of this tunnel. September 1 well hopefully you know we'll have a great crowd here and hopefully we will have had a really good training camp will be ready to play yeah what what do you think the what is your biggest. Actually deal -- what is your biggest your biggest weakness or whole right now going into training camp. You know again we'll have to we'll have to see who's there on Sunday but we feel good about the guys that are returning and -- all the guys that were in spring practice and had. Really solid productive spring practices for the most part those guys are still with us and so I don't you know -- -- -- -- heaven you know this major weakness I think we just got to go out there and and play well and practice well. And hopefully start the season. It's Tom Brady or Bill Belichick giving -- any advice as far as going forward here and they give him any advice recently. Well there in the middle of training camp themselves but they both reached out and I really appreciate and other guys. The National Football League reached out to and I appreciate the support and those guys have. Have confidence that that we've got a good staff -- a good group of guys from where we're gonna give them what what does -- -- bill said he alike as far as. You know giving you encouragement encouraging. Well again you know those conversations I'll just -- took some to myself between. Those guys and myself but but there are very supportive and and to really bright guys that just were very supportive of me in the staff here. Speaking of the NFL how much -- you sell that I mean you've had a lot of -- experience and success at the NFL level mean is very rare for. For a guy to to come from the NFL so much success and -- into a major program like this and how much do you sell the fact that you know -- you know what it takes to -- Super Bowl on the NFL well. You know one of the things that that these guys more as they -- chance to play in the National Football League and in everybody can't play in the National Football League but. At the end of the day we have experience on our staff between myself and Stan Hixon and Charles London of coaching and that he can. So you know we we feel like we can prepare them to play in and at the next little -- number one is to be able to come here and get a great education that's probably number one. As far as your system how different -- -- coaching wise and from -- -- staff as far as -- -- a completely different offenses it. -- completely different. -- you know defense like he got describe the differences I don't have any idea what went on here before I got here so I can just tell you the way we do it we're gonna. We're gonna play fast on offense we're going to be an aggressive defense and and we're gonna make sure that we're very solid on special teams so. You you have to ask some of the players that I I don't have any idea. You know what it was like before I got there I know what it's like now -- out with your offensive experience -- -- this offense be one of the best in the country. Well I I can tell you the first year of a new office is always hard so. These guys will have to keep it simple and and make sure that our guys are able to play fast know what to do in. And at the end of the year we'll see where we're where it's -- puts it to come out and say it's going to be the best offense in the country who would definitely be a stretch. As least danger today heading into camp as. Is your first time being a head coach correct that it helped -- is it's a tougher than you thought it would be a mean I know you work crazy hours in the NFL but. Is it is it harder than you thought it would be viewers it is policy easier good -- you -- where you daughter of the year. Well it's certainly a challenge you know it's much different than being an assistant coach she you have a lot more. Responsibility. Many more things crush your desk on a daily basis so it's definitely -- challenge but. I still find time to us spend time of my family and and and definitely you know keep things in perspective so we're working extremely hard as a staff we have a very good staffer -- around me so that really helps them. And we've got a bunch -- really tough kids that are sticking with us right now which really helps. -- as as we stand here today heading in the camp as. Is your first time being a head coach correct that it helped Hoff is it's a tougher than you thought it would be a mean I know you work crazy hours in the NFL -- Is it is it harder than you thought -- viewers it is it policy easier but for UConn it where you -- daughter of the year. Well it's certainly a challenge you know it's much different than being an assistant coach do you have a lot more. Responsibility. Many more things crush your desk on a daily basis so it's definitely a challenge but. I still find time to us spend time -- my family and and indefinitely. You know keep things in perspective so we're working extremely hard as a staff we have a very good staffer -- around me so that really helps them. And we got a bunch of really tough kids that are sticking with -- -- now which really helps. Took him. Well I'm gonna ask you do you plan on on changing the -- jerseys are making a an adjustment editors and now we're talking about that was our team right now wolf will probably use. Have an announcement on that at some point but right now we're we're talking about Tyler team and what's the consensus. We'll keep -- -- in the team you know easy is it easier. To try to. You know. It's almost start this program from from scratch you know there's a lot of tradition here and and obviously with what happened but the -- from the uniforms other things. Easy kind of you know you better off in a sense some kind of really starting from scratch here. Again there's still a lot of tradition here you know there there is over 11100 Letterman that are part of fantastic Letterman organization that'll tell you that so there's still a ton of tradition we have a lot of respect for. The guys have played here in the past and and and all the games that they want and and the successes that they've gone on to be in life so there's still a ton of tradition but at the same time. It's definitely a new -- Penn State football and hopefully that starts on September 1.

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{"id":16919429,"title":"Penn State Head Coach Speaks Out","duration":"3:00","description":"Bill O'Brien talks about how Penn State will move forward after the NCAA penalties against them.","url":"/US/video/penn-state-head-coach-speaks-16919429","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}