Former Penn State President Graham Spanier's Lawyer Slams Freeh Report

Attorney denounced report on sex abuse, calling the former FBI director "a self anointed accuser."
3:00 | 08/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former Penn State President Graham Spanier's Lawyer Slams Freeh Report
Judge freeh is devoted a significant part of his career. To helping ensure that justice will prevail after a full. And complete. And honest review of available evidence. But he has failed here. There is nothing. Nothing. Full or complete. About the free report. As it applies to doctors -- Nor am -- aware of any court in the land. That would accept. Such unsupported and outrageous conclusions. As independent. Or any judge who would put his or her name behind them. Sadly. It is now apparent. The judge freeh was not an independent investigator. As far as doctor Spaniard is concerned. But a self anointed accuser. Who in his zeal. To protect victims of wrong doing from a monster. Recklessly. And without justification. Created victims of his own. Among these are a dead man. Who he knew could not respond. Two individuals. Under indictment. Who we also knew could not at this point respond. -- former university president. Who is not only going to respond. But who today welcomes the opportunity to do so. The free report. As it pertains to doctor Spaniard. Is a -- In that myth. Along with the free pass that its author. Has enjoyed thus far. Ends today. We now know. What a terrible. Sick. Depraved monster. Jerry sandusky was and has been for decades. The sheer weight of the damage that he inflicted upon countless victims is unfathomable. And unforgivable. We pray for those victims and we pray for their recovery. And for that of their families. And doctor Spaniard. Himself the victim of child abuse. Would have been the first two of active had he known in 1998. Or in 2001. Or at any other time. That a predator of this ilk. Lurked on or anywhere near the Penn State campus. The free report. With no evidence to support its conclusion. Says he didn't go. The truth makes clear that he did not. Sadly. Much of that truth was either deliberately omitted from the report. Or was manipulated. -- -- a shrill distortion. And the irony news. That while this report attempts to portray doctor Spaniard. As having engaged in a conspiracy to conceal information. A closer inspection confirms that if anyone. Has committed any concealment. It isn't doctor Spaniard. It is judged free.

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{"id":17058311,"title":"Former Penn State President Graham Spanier's Lawyer Slams Freeh Report","duration":"3:00","description":"Attorney denounced report on sex abuse, calling the former FBI director \"a self anointed accuser.\"","url":"/US/video/penn-state-president-graham-spaniers-lawyer-slams-freeh-17058311","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}