Police Beat War Vet at Occupy Oakland Protests

Raw video of war vet Kayvan Sabeghi getting beat by police in Oakland.
1:53 | 11/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Beat War Vet at Occupy Oakland Protests
This is the video that police lawyers and anyone with an active -- passing interest in cable today he will scrutinize. These are the moments just before he says Oakland police ruptured his -- after the Oakland occupied protests we were hoping to -- -- would talk today. Would you mind talking just a couple of and instead he was polite but firm -- he did say he has seen this video which shows him refusing orders to move by Oakland police a standoff that -- to one officer breaking ranks and going after him with a baton. Not once or twice but repeatedly. The photographer who shot this video -- -- told us by telephone today his view of the incident. -- -- -- something -- going to happen I spoke -- felt to be there next and and data with them when he was getting -- I mean. Because that it was important and also because. Did this just humanistic in. After his arrest -- he spent roughly fourteen hours and Alameda county jail and complained later that the staff ignored his request for medical help. Last week the sheriff's office countered with video from surveillance cameras that shows the Iraq War vet. Meeting with doctors when he came in and then becoming ill hours later. At that point the staff called an ambulance and took him to highland hospital but that is secondary now. ABC news sent -- -- -- this video to Oakland police who did not return calls they said the case is under investigation. Norwood members of the Oakland City Council comment but a high ranking law enforcement official from another city who asked to remain unidentified. Made two crucial points today. First he said it appeared to him that's a -- was being confrontational. And second that the officer should never have broken ranks to go after him. A classic case he said of an escalating situation.

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{"id":14989981,"title":"Police Beat War Vet at Occupy Oakland Protests","duration":"1:53","description":"Raw video of war vet Kayvan Sabeghi getting beat by police in Oakland.","url":"/US/video/police-beat-war-vet-occupy-oakland-protests-oakland-kayvan-sabeghi-occupy-wall-street-14989981","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}