Police Commissioner Explains How to Track a ‘Swatting’ Suspect

Long Beach, California’s Michael Tangney discusses how to find those responsible for the false SWAT raids.
2:10 | 04/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Commissioner Explains How to Track a ‘Swatting’ Suspect
Isn't is an event with some -- in the fictitious crime and he's looking for very very aggressive police response. And that's what happened in this case. The Swaby incidents is that that we've -- -- -- -- the country. Do seem to revolve around video games and losers -- the video games there have been a couple of arrests -- prosecution successful prosecutions. Conducted so it's the totality of the circumstances. That leads us to believe it was swatting and that the person that called in this fictitious school was one of the players how. The perpetrators. And -- -- -- -- very clever one of the things they do is they can either error. Be fortunate. That the person signed up with the -- and he's using their real name which makes it very easy to do a search the other ways to engage in conversation during the game. I'm from California where you from I'm from New York -- -- fairly New York what part in new York and then slowly during the course of the game. While you're wrapped up in the excitement of the game you're giving out a lot of personal information. And they end up using it so much that they get down to the street. Of the town you live in the pick -- rain they'll pull up on a map pick a random street tail on the vine and magnolia street where you live I live on Walton -- -- we reach out to the FBI. To get them on board they have agreed to -- -- the investigation. And they bring two very important tools. One is all of their forensics abilities and the second is the power of the US attorney's office we have eighty we've already issued orders to preserve. To some of the major communication outlet so they preserve their records while we are attempting to obtain subpoenas. And then we backtrack through it if you use a cable system -- you have the screen name they have a record of who you are. It's now our -- Desire and our obligation to try to find out the name associated with the screening so we used that yesterday during this event. This could be anyone anywhere in the world. That's the advent of -- Computer age do you think you will sign the purpose trip I'm very confident that we will find her --

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{"id":23447664,"title":"Police Commissioner Explains How to Track a ‘Swatting’ Suspect","duration":"2:10","description":"Long Beach, California’s Michael Tangney discusses how to find those responsible for the false SWAT raids.","url":"/US/video/police-commissioner-explains-track-swatting-suspect-23447664","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}