Cop's Daughter Dies in Accidental Shooting

Washington state officer's 7-year-old was shot by sibling with gun found in van.
1:33 | 03/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cop's Daughter Dies in Accidental Shooting
I can't even imagine just doesn't -- you know. Strangers who learned the little girl did not survive are visiting this scene expressing sympathy for the -- its support -- that exists. It makes me -- -- -- Marysville police officer his spouse and children had parked their van yesterday next to the stand -- City Hall. Investigators say at some point when the children -- alone in the vehicle they found -- gun left in the glove compartment. The officer's son accidentally shot his sister I have several friends that are on. The Marysville police department -- Roth laid flowers at the base of the flag -- that stands in front of the Marysville police station. She can't stop thinking about that locker. Then your mind goes to the little boy ended the -- -- -- the data. And just the whole circumstances of -- and how -- it is. Investigators will not identify the officer or say whether the gun was the officer's service weapon. We know the parents were nearby when it happened but investigators will not say what they were doing at the time. Many people are asking questions. And -- -- blame anyone it's it's so tragic day at the same time you know. As a parent -- -- -- relieving your kids. And then you know. And as a police officer. You know. But why would -- leave your -- there but at this time of tragedy others say let it be I'm not sure that that's. -- do anything and -- that's fair to the family they're already grieving -- hurting.

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{"id":15901733,"title":"Cop's Daughter Dies in Accidental Shooting","duration":"1:33","description":"Washington state officer's 7-year-old was shot by sibling with gun found in van.","url":"/US/video/police-officers-daughter-dies-in-accidental-shooting-15901733","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}