New Victim in 40-Year-Old Murder Case?

Filmmaker Josh Vargas finds photo that may be linked to Texas serial killings.
4:10 | 02/08/12

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Transcript for New Victim in 40-Year-Old Murder Case?
This entire story of sadistic homosexual slayings would almost appear to be fiction some of the people who when men were carried out in plastic bag. He rectum can ended up killing bottomed out here -- shovels digging into dirt and yielding bodies but it's not fiction. It's very real anything most of the victims are young -- comforter reasonably sure there are there could be dozens of other bodies. If TV cameras hadn't been there to capture every bit of it now listed as one of the most horrifying crimes and the -- these mass murders would have seemed too gruesome to belief. Underlined her hair this month that you -- -- decided to retell the story. Action news Jodi and Josh Vargas is directing a film dramatizing the dean -- killings the gruesome murder of 29 boys and young men. That we -- -- when -- announced we're gone like on international -- partners spent years studying the murder spree eventually visiting corals accomplice Elmer Wayne Henley repeatedly in prison he got this kid starts off as somebody who's friends are disappear and nobody knows why. Somebody's actively involved with people -- on the despair and as somebody who actually and so on to me that was where the story -- The jailhouse meetings with -- led Vargas and his production partner -- -- to Henley's mother and eventually -- and we -- personal belongings. -- -- -- -- after Hanley confessed to his mother boxed up Elmer stuff in stuff those boxes in the back of a school bus in an overgrown north Texas field. Where it's been for decades we are the first people went through that's up from forty years from the back of that bus Vargas pulled out Henley's actual clothes for his actors to where at least actual posters to decorate the set -- -- but that's not. Why were telling you about Josh -- is find. Sitting in the back of that bus at the bottom of -- rotting cardboard box in a sealed photo -- envelope. Was a forty year old snapshot. That shook parts while -- through those pictures. This Polaroid falls now. -- take a look at it right off the bat. Haven't studied the case of a crime scene photos and everything -- seedings toolbox and that's he has implements -- that box and see this kid great years. With handcuffs on arms asset their -- this picture for about thirty minutes and then -- -- to my wife counseling and look at this -- what you think that is a gruesome instant Polaroid that is a boy who has horrifying -- land on -- floor. Likely snapped an instant before the team was sexually tortured and likely killed. And even though it's never been seen before it's not worth telling you about just because he found -- obviously took the -- the reason Josh wants you to see this photograph. Is the same reason Harris County medical examiner once you see it. And it's because no one knows Tuesday. It's forty years old. Slightly out of focus blurred by old technology then. Time now but the -- county medical examiner doesn't think it is any of the known victims. And according to the anthropologist working on the case it's not the one set of unidentified remains. It seems -- -- never let a victim escaped alive there's only one thing could be I believe it's a victim that they don't know about. I don't see how can be anything else a young boy gone for forty years forgotten by -- city who wanted to put these murders behind -- and overlooked by detectives who decades ago close this case. -- Even if we abandon the film project today. The greatest news we could get would be that -- at least something came -- -- that maybe somebody will recognize their son brother. In a prison conversation Josh Vargas asked Elmer Wayne Henley about that photograph and Henley says he has no idea who the young boy is but does believe. They're victims yet to be discovered. Lending some authenticity to the photograph it does seem to match crime scene photos from inside dean corals home at the time. And it was likely taken in 1972 or 1973. Since that's about the time Elmer Wayne Henley and his Polaroid camera. If you know with the young boy it is the medical examiner desperate in cedar. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15541654,"title":"New Victim in 40-Year-Old Murder Case?","duration":"4:10","description":"Filmmaker Josh Vargas finds photo that may be linked to Texas serial killings.","url":"/US/video/possible-new-victim-in-40-year-old-murder-case-15541654","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}