Pursuing a Scuba Dream

3 years after falling through the ice, a girl returns to the water.
2:25 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Pursuing a Scuba Dream
Walking through the doors -- Green -- -- this little girl about to prove once again no ordinary tenure smiling from unity -- In the -- game think -- -- -- our our Ed. But -- On Valentine's Day 2009 Tiffany Dombrowski almost died. He stopped breathing for thirty minutes after this pickup truck hit an ice crack while driving on the frozen lake Winnebago. And sank into the icy waters. Also in the truck were Tiffany's best friend nine year old Savannah -- -- of and is that who both drowned Tiffany remained in a coma her fate uncertain. Tiffany's father did confide in me that he that -- they were so close that he was afraid that maybe. If they would leave because -- wanna be with -- But Tiffany didn't leave and three years later while recovering from her brain injury she's learning to scuba dive for the first time. Tacoma rescue diver and one day see someone like Savannah if that's the motivation -- -- it's just -- -- -- We couldn't be happier news to hear that she wants even give us that god is. It's -- the creditor yeah. Tiffany's other inspiration is Connie -- -- -- teacher. It. She was one of the first responders who -- Tiffany's life back cold February day they've stayed in touch ever sense Irish yes. Thinking about that and that and went to feel like -- -- and I can me. Once in the water Tiffany is fearless even after all she's been through an -- and they -- added. Rather the. And after some basic training island and get them find out what it like it's time for Tiffany -- seen what it's like. Breathe underwater. No matter how much bad happens and there's so much good that always comes on -- and. The plane being hammered home -- -- -- says many obstacles lie ahead before Tiffany can become a certified -- I don't live film work done so its not lake you know -- Has just overcome everything. But that long road is now a little shorter for Tiffany's sheer determination and the support of those who care for her. For ABC news -- you know Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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{"id":15552999,"title":"Pursuing a Scuba Dream","duration":"2:25","description":"3 years after falling through the ice, a girl returns to the water.","url":"/US/video/pursuing-scuba-dream-15552999","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}