Ray Rice: 'My Actions That Night Were Totally Inexcusable'

The Baltimore Ravens player discusses events that happened in an Atlantic City Casino with his wife.
3:14 | 07/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ray Rice: 'My Actions That Night Were Totally Inexcusable'
Taxes and I totally. Inexcusable. You know that night. -- replay over and over my. You know that's not me actually inexcusable. And something I have to live -- arrested. Have to live with the rest of life and you -- and I'm -- ultimately is that. Is waking up every day in my daughter's two years old now and -- little -- very Smart very intelligent. And -- -- -- don't know -- school. And we have to explain that to -- You know what happened that night so. And did I know that's not -- is -- me. That's not moralism and if not more mom raised me to be anybody knows me and knows me I think I was raised by a single parent -- my mother. You know sitting here today. You know -- plated thing is that it you know my mom raised me to be. Let her down eleven quite. Did I let my daughter is now. -- I let my wife's parents them. -- let the whole Baltimore community down and I got to assist -- -- teammates down you know -- so many people down. Because of 36 in my life that -- did not -- you take that but. Speaking on that call -- what I've done going forward. You know I'm me and say that I needed help -- more than -- -- -- amounts -- it actually helped. Just touch on something left somebody. Publicly apologize to my wife. And I realize that hit home with a lot of people. It deadly -- that me and my wife sleep together and we still have to do this very. Her pain is my -- my pain is nerve pain but one thing that I want to do today it was you know apologize to my -- Who I've known since high school. I've known her since a kid. -- not -- at high school it. She saved her arm around her she is great mother and she's a great wife if she supports me you know throughout. Governor Tom is right -- the time is right and I say that because. You gotta fix itself what you go out there and help others and which are rightly in my life. We want to go out there didn't it didn't help people anybody. You know violence of any kind especially -- an old woman. -- this that is just not right. He does not -- soon be tolerated. It's not right to society. No matter what. That's something I stand by and I have to pay for it but me and my wife what time is right. We will go out there and help as many people as we -- to go out there to speak out against domestic violence. Because it's something that shouldn't be is just there's just totally inexcusable. And I'm here today to -- you know I mean the biggest mistake in my life. Week she can do no wrong she's an audience.

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{"id":24790884,"title":"Ray Rice: 'My Actions That Night Were Totally Inexcusable'","duration":"3:14","description":"The Baltimore Ravens player discusses events that happened in an Atlantic City Casino with his wife.","url":"/US/video/ray-rice-video-baltimore-ravens-star-incident-wife-24790884","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}