Recordings Key in Oregon Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Family is suing for $5 million over 2006 police shooting that killed their son, Lukus Glenn.
3:00 | 08/02/12

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Transcript for Recordings Key in Oregon Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Glenn had Concord High School as a three sport varsity athlete. But on the night of September 16 2006. He was lost distraught. A longtime relationship had recently ended and that his friends were headed to college -- was not. By 3 AM Lucas has returned home drunk dropped off by -- friend. His family refuses to give him keys to a car so he tries getting into a shed to get his dirt bike he then -- -- -- was house through the front door. -- this knife and starts smashing car windows in the family's driveway. That's when -- -- calls 911. On -- emergency I need to constantly talking immediately help on that aren't controlled are certain they'll definitely nice picture -- your. Police radio traffic reveals officers are preparing for in non lethal confrontation. If anybody would agree that camera running and it. On the bridge and -- want to -- Despite -- dispatchers warning about lucas' threats as they arrive on scene. It's important to -- died she continued in -- you would -- -- -- The situation intensifies. And yeah. And look pretty out -- Let me do you guys that don't -- a completely -- The -- believed in the. Remember. That. It. -- -- Ultimately -- That I didn't one lead -- don't want her to enter China health. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An officer on scene communicates this back to the dispatcher. Or. Future or be Barack -- exactly -- we advise and got comfortable in this county reinforce the doors even on the ground in -- near him. Which leads the dispatcher to comfort hope. Listen what you're doing is they shot -- -- -- a ground OKV. That this is not at a culinary they're being -- ground there and how would that knocked -- out. -- -- well. And -- Yeah. At their -- -- army would make brown and they're they're just trying to get calmed down enough that they get the night away from them the that they take care of them. -- -- -- that moment that exchange is a key point of contention in the family's lawsuit. Why did not officer only communicate back -- bean bag rounds were used when he himself had fired lethal rounds from his own service weapon. Was it an honest -- -- was it confusion. Or was he trying to create a false narrative the police had tried to control Lucas Glen with nonlethal force. Well look -- they killed him with their bullets in the seconds that followed. We might inhibit the material players have decide to the -- It becomes clear. One -- and medical -- street he said actual around. Hopes only son. Is dying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A devastating reality no court ruling can undo. I'm on percent investigator in seconds on -- reporting for -- news.

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{"id":16915354,"title":"Recordings Key in Oregon Wrongful Death Lawsuit","duration":"3:00","description":"Family is suing for $5 million over 2006 police shooting that killed their son, Lukus Glenn.","url":"/US/video/recordings-key-oregon-wrongful-death-lawsuit-16915354","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}