Red-Tailed Hawk Rescued From Car Grille

Hawk survives getting hit by car after mechanic frees it from the radiator.
1:53 | 10/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Red-Tailed Hawk Rescued From Car Grille
This almost any -- that's been stuck. Brought by -- Panic Matt Whitehead park place Lexus. But He seems small birds rodents corals. Reptiles -- mrs. But there was one thing then -- -- hadn't seen. Until Saturday when a car came into the service -- that had been traveling over sixty miles an hour with the red tailed hawk and jam. To its front -- -- -- goes seeded cardinal inside. They -- moment. Just like any other back. Crowds GAAP panics turned into news photographers. Whitehead began breaking apart the -- And that look and then He had his head turned kind of it is going. -- -- -- is alive and -- thanks to Whitehead. It was also free and nothing was broken wasn't willing to an even -- -- -- that I'm aware of every results for others. -- the flap but not -- -- -- loaded them up drove him to veterinarian Greg Moore. Thank you where I'm back -- -- look at the red robes or is optimists majestic bird will recover from a question and little injuries. And soon. -- -- They did a good job panel the -- well that was definitely extraordinary mean I would do every day within that happy. And now when you grill at Whitehead. -- vs -- and He can almost certainly a -- you don't.

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{"id":14761588,"title":"Red-Tailed Hawk Rescued From Car Grille","duration":"1:53","description":"Hawk survives getting hit by car after mechanic frees it from the radiator.","url":"/US/video/red-tailed-hawk-rescued-car-grille-14761588","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}