Rodeo Bull Runs Loose at Pennsylvania Fair

Some people injured as bull ran through country fair grounds after escaping from trailer.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rodeo Bull Runs Loose at Pennsylvania Fair
Just cell phone video taken late Friday night at the Hartford -- as a rodeo bull ran rampant through the fairgrounds. Robert Schneider shot the video after getting his family to higher ground. There was just hopeful -- pandemonium I mean it was like you couldn't even imagine I mean people were I was like a bomb went off I mean just people were just walking everywhere have been there -- Literally throwing us their kids. -- fair officials say four bulls got loose as they are being loaded onto a trailer after -- rodeo Friday night. Three were immediately caught -- the fourth straight away. -- president doctor Michael -- -- Cindy analysts finally captured with the help of several people one of our directors came along sat with a truck pushed -- into one of -- ago and he was. Contain an -- we have nutrients and gates. -- Keller was working at her glass blowing -- as the bull ran past. All come Ron Matthias. And increasing people after an enemy an envelope porcelain actress -- hollering everybody get out the leg and the -- come back -- around the front of the -- people were running in art and hang out. Playing fair officials confirmed there were people taken to the hospital for injuries but don't know how many or how badly they were hurt. Asks for damages the -- left his remark. On this trailer at this candy stand and -- Came around behind her trailer. And it got wedged between the -- the trailer and it's one more -- -- -- -- -- in the -- Ripped up the license plate on the back tailored. Gets crazy. Fair officials say at this point no fatalities have been reported. Still for those who witnessed the bulls run and Stephanie left a lasting impression. -- sweat and you know there are -- and -- place in the poll with just he would go one direction that he would turn around units which you don't know direction I personally have never experienced anything went from my life. There officials say state police are investigating the escape. The bulls are owned by a private rodeo company hired to perform the show Friday night taking the news -- sixteen Susquehanna county.

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{"id":17087249,"title":"Rodeo Bull Runs Loose at Pennsylvania Fair","duration":"3:00","description":"Some people injured as bull ran through country fair grounds after escaping from trailer.","url":"/US/video/rodeo-bull-runs-loose-pennsylvania-fair-17087249","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}