Romeo Bandit Arrested in Florida

Police say suspect took woman on date while an accomplice burglarized her home.
1:28 | 03/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Romeo Bandit Arrested in Florida
Only -- this man to flash a flirtatious friend during a mug shot. He is after all accused of using his charm to -- at least one woman in a unique and from her perspective. Devastatingly. Cold way. Please tell us this was him earlier this month caught on tape scoping out Coral Springs home. While he was here the woman who lives in this house was -- an Applebee's waiting for. Because heat was her -- Yep you heard that right police say he met the girl at a party told -- was Italian with the name Miller in Seattle Valentino and then asked her out on a date. Now watch detectives say after dropping him off but Applebee's the driver of this black car returns the house where police say he then took 5000 dollars worth of electronics turns out Valentino. Is relieved Tony Maldonado an eighteen year old who presumably lives -- several family members in Miami Gardens -- -- -- Because we -- a cousin. Do you think about what is -- And another young man baby -- a toddler who didn't want to speak with us. Now Maldonado probably wasn't even a theory -- date that's because police say he spent much of it on her iPhone according -- Back at her house with his buddy. And that's who police are searching for now here's another look at the guy from the tape. The victim's mother telling me tonight she wants both people who duped her daughter to face charges.

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{"id":15937689,"title":"Romeo Bandit Arrested in Florida","duration":"1:28","description":"Police say suspect took woman on date while an accomplice burglarized her home.","url":"/US/video/romeo-bandit-arrested-florida-15937689","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}