Runaway Texas Boy Was Locked in Box, Say Police

The 9-year-old who ran away from home told authorities his parents had kept him in a box.
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Transcript for Runaway Texas Boy Was Locked in Box, Say Police
It is -- a house that draws attention that blends into the neighborhood on bio woods drive. Last October a family moved damage but neighbors say they kept -- themselves. Mean they kind of just stayed over there we've been living -- -- -- they. -- -- Those neighbors do you remember the -- two weeks ago when the -- nine year old son ran away from home. He was quickly found by police but that was only the beginning -- according to what investigators found inside the house. A six foot by foot box. The jobless. Was captain. And several other items -- were found after the search warrant was. Was -- A box that the boy said his father would -- man. His stepmother would write words on his skin all accusations included in the search warrant affidavit. The box found by police inside -- Sox a blanket and a book. Called the lost. Boy from what I know about the book it's about child abuse Britain from. The author's experience. In child abuse and being walked away. There is more according to the child who said his father took a new picture up there with the cell phone camera and threatened the posted on a social media site. Cameras and computers were seized by police that are being examined by a federal forensics team looking for any evidence of child pornography. The boy is now in Foster care police say he'll never have to go back to the house began -- But neighbors say they wished they had -- the child needed help. Before all this unfold it. I don't understand why somebody didn't report this. It's ridiculous. You never know your neighbors are and.

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{"id":16947431,"title":"Runaway Texas Boy Was Locked in Box, Say Police","duration":"3:00","description":"The 9-year-old who ran away from home told authorities his parents had kept him in a box.","url":"/US/video/runaway-texas-boy-was-locked-in-box-police-say-16947431","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}