San Francisco Cop's Speeding Facebook Video Under Review

SFPD Internal Affairs reviews video taken from inside a car going through a tunnel at high speeds.
1:36 | 12/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for San Francisco Cop's Speeding Facebook Video Under Review
The FaceBook page administrator claiming to be San Francisco police Sargent Carl T. Posted this video saying he topped a hundred miles per hour while driving in a Lamborghini through the city's Broadway tunnel. That's a fist is reporting that a comment by Sargent T says it's roomier than you'd think plus we were all drunk. If all of this is true -- it is it is to be taken seriously we broke the news to mayor Ed Lee at City Hall. It would be a violation of so many laws but also chest and opposite -- -- a police officer. Is sworn to do which -- Beat somebody that is in charge of safety for the -- not endangering lives. Driving the 35 mile per hour speed limited to just forty seconds to make it through the half mile tunnel the police -- video shows they did it in just. Fifteen seconds. Sargent T told the San Francisco weekly he was the third person sandwiched between the driver and the passenger who shot the video. ABC seven was unable to reach Sargent T. And his FaceBook page has now been removed. San Francisco police department says Sargent T is under administrator review by the internal affairs department. But the head of the police officers union questioned. The true source of the posting them in fact there was an off duty police officer driving the vehicle the chief of police would have to make a determination of whether or not disciplines appropriate. Police chief Greg Searle is out of town but the vice president of the police commission points out this may never make it into a public arena. But the commission can't look into what themselves until something is brought to him by the department ordeal since --

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{"id":17966193,"title":"San Francisco Cop's Speeding Facebook Video Under Review","duration":"1:36","description":"SFPD Internal Affairs reviews video taken from inside a car going through a tunnel at high speeds.","url":"/US/video/san-francisco-cops-speeding-facebook-video-review-17966193","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}