New Sandusky Accuser Files Lawsuit

Lawyer for now 29-year-old victim details suit against former Penn State coach.
1:58 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for New Sandusky Accuser Files Lawsuit
It -- and gift. -- -- Who. Abused him have violated his trust. As a child. Over four years. It youth against. The second mile. If you call this handguns used to access this -- And -- police so many others. It is against. Penn State. It is being I kind of used. -- -- -- wish send us he narrowing it right. And prosper. But through which he access. So many -- So this. And then action taken this -- -- higher today. Well it won't send ask me. Maybe -- more importantly focused upon. The institute's crucial concealment. It -- failure. Penn State. And this -- And the lawsuit very good question. Why. Did so many -- And adults. Four so little. Made choices. To protect themselves and the institution. Parents. That apparently sold. --

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{"id":15057802,"title":"New Sandusky Accuser Files Lawsuit","duration":"1:58","description":"Lawyer for now 29-year-old victim details suit against former Penn State coach.","url":"/US/video/sandusky-accuser-files-lawsuit-15057802","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}