School Shooting: Sheriff and Superintendent Speak

Earl Butler and Franklin Till say the victim fell and some students heard a pop.
1:35 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for School Shooting: Sheriff and Superintendent Speak
From what I understand this and we got where we came out here and talking with the possible and dolphins on -- -- there. They stated that this young girl was so that they it would take -- if she got up to -- back toward the break away and -- -- And they didn't have -- no one had again they didn't see it again. And someone said they thought they heard a pop. But it was a net -- -- it was struck in the neck now they don't anyone we have no idea what happened really and where it came from. But that's what we're trying to do -- tried to investigate. -- over there there was Simonsen and lunch and right now as the surface said. There was nothing occurring I mean there was no activity. And suddenly we -- a young person fall. And with that it appeared -- some people -- they heard -- pop. And so we're not quite sure where. To protect -- came from and so that's you know the police officers are. Investigated now -- time ago and as soon as they saw that it isn't -- candidate code red that everybody bogging down faster. But the children it was an added young thing they did not see any no done. Knowing things insisting -- young girl fall we had no indication I mean I talk to the parents here. There's -- things wrong but there was no indication that was Mexico campus and right now there's obvious. Thousand different rumors through the police are investigating everything and so. Hopefully if young person's thought they saw some that are supposed to tell the police and -- the professionals and there's no threat than anybody at Florida gunman -- and nine that have been perfect right here that we confront.

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{"id":14805761,"title":"School Shooting: Sheriff and Superintendent Speak","duration":"1:35","description":"Earl Butler and Franklin Till say the victim fell and some students heard a pop.","url":"/US/video/school-shooting-sheriff-superintendent-speak-14805761","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}