Search for Autistic Boy, 9, in Virginia

Volunteers join the search for missing Robbie Wood Jr.
0:37 | 10/27/11

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Transcript for Search for Autistic Boy, 9, in Virginia
The search continues for a missing autistic boy in Virginia today nine year old Robbie would junior. Went missing in an eighty acre park during a family walk on Sunday. Almost a thousand people helped in the search yesterday and -- say nearly 2000 volunteers are expected to help today. Up. That's some Brothers that have a -- autistic children and know what they struggled with. And just wanted to comment simply hellfire missile hit his -- -- Robbie doesn't talk and was last seen wearing a red at long sleeve shirt and blue athletic pants.

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{"id":14825436,"title":"Search for Autistic Boy, 9, in Virginia","duration":"0:37","description":"Volunteers join the search for missing Robbie Wood Jr.","url":"/US/video/search-autistic-boy-virginia-14825436","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}