Secret Santa Pays for Family's Layaway Gifts

North Carolina family was surprised to find their $389 balance at Walmart paid.
1:24 | 11/30/12

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Transcript for Secret Santa Pays for Family's Layaway Gifts
We do without the -- had the trick to a healthy Christmas package. Tight corners and Wellfleet tape -- -- take. With a little help from the tiny tots this president. He's perfect little holiday spirit in this home the Christmas tree is with ornaments and place all it needs the press. Yeah -- won't get everything we thought they needed. This holiday extra special because Tammy in -- and long Decker had their Christmas gifts paid for. A -- away at Wal-Mart. By someone else. -- -- Eric Ballard. Well. -- how much was that's. 389. Dollars paid off as approved by this receipt right here and -- actors have no clue who did it. So we even called Wal-Mart to find out. I think we -- -- who did it. OK. Yeah now. Secret sanity what we're thinking. A true act of kindness. We were trying to figure out what -- to pay for that weekend. It equipment that predicated. No glory for whoever picked up the -- just the knowledge they brought three kids Tyler Abigail and currently. One of the best Chris that they -- now.

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{"id":17845751,"title":"Secret Santa Pays for Family's Layaway Gifts","duration":"1:24","description":"North Carolina family was surprised to find their $389 balance at Walmart paid.","url":"/US/video/secret-santa-pays-familys-layaway-gifts-17845751","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}