The Secrets of Lucasfilm Animation

Army vet Hank Hughes gets an exclusive look at Lucasfilm Animation.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Transcript for The Secrets of Lucasfilm Animation
Is that it becoming a director. That's the plan. Excellent we expect -- storytelling here and I've been -- -- -- now for seven years -- working toward. Probably the best thing about that like -- been. -- Learn something from Atlanta. Gag in can't complain -- pressure. This is music for me the first that in what we're gonna tell a story I'm from a TV animation tradition of hand draw everything's so. I think they'll love the drugs get anyways direct you can communicate. With you want -- involved look like it's going to be useful. This is that pretty much our digital -- we call it he did. I can hold it got that camera out and correctly -- an entire warehouse here. A lot of places of bills for ordinances. But George felt very strongly that he -- -- that they're writing that this digital blocking days. And find our cameras in there and in so many possibilities it's almost gone. -- to want to do this. -- -- -- -- -- -- All day it fit and imagine -- There. And an accident that helmet which we brought -- -- A lot of live action and animation really. -- network he's. -- -- One of the cool thing thinking it the self help. You know what we have really important here is that we did -- -- We have. -- Not worth it starts they -- they know everything about him there here's the is this a -- of the -- Yet the but he -- or director. -- -- Where was the though that your visit. -- -- -- Yet he's gonna watch. Premier. -- any questions about these scenes -- now. I we -- involved who. Gaga together each morning go over the line like for any given episode and we probably go over about -- -- for -- that every morning. And I make notes and give direction on everything that's going on visually that we're on the same page. The episodic -- usually takeover. Once we have everything down to like a proxy model -- passage of that -- those. Simple models on the theme is do what's -- start to finish for -- it's about a year -- sucked director has about. Six weeks get on his footage in the -- and edited. Her final to be shipped overseas we have -- -- some animations dancing or -- and that we have that you can't be defeated Taipei's. Authority. -- whenever you're. Really -- -- -- others street hey you know why not.

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{"id":17002556,"title":"The Secrets of Lucasfilm Animation","duration":"3:00","description":"Army vet Hank Hughes gets an exclusive look at Lucasfilm Animation.","url":"/US/video/secrets-lucasfilm-animation-17002556","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}