No Halloween for Sex Offenders

Several California cities enacting laws to keep predators away from children.
1:32 | 10/29/11

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Transcript for No Halloween for Sex Offenders
Just a few nights away from Halloween decorations are going up at homes all across Riverside County. With pumpkins ghosts and goblins some people -- decorate their entire yard. But in the city of -- has sent -- -- there are some folks who are no longer allowed to decorate for Halloween. Sex offenders. Beasley we have the predator going after the prayed that Halloween causes incidental contact between the -- coming to the predator. -- -- I want to minimize -- contact this supervisor Jeff Stone says the law not only banned sex offenders and decorating but also from answering the door to stricker traders on Halloween. And they're not allowed to have any external lights on either so far the cities of San Jacinto and Temecula have adopted ordinances of their own. The city of -- it passed a resolution approving the idea to have you heard of any legal challenges to something like this. No these ordinances have been on the books in the cities of orange and San Jacinto and moved to my dollars have been no no challenges but. You know we're always up for the challenge to somebody wants a -- -- always err on the side of children's safety most residents seemed to approve of the idea. And on the -- that they should -- -- I wouldn't want my children going to -- -- back tremendous idea. I'm all for that completely. -- failed to detect light from children okay and because I had -- -- -- That was sexually abused OK so -- -- a wife and children but that this is rob MacMillan for ABC news.

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{"id":14841462,"title":"No Halloween for Sex Offenders","duration":"1:32","description":"Several California cities enacting laws to keep predators away from children. ","url":"/US/video/sex-offenders-barred-halloween-festivities-14841462","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}