Siblings Reunited After 74 Years

Rosalie Davis, adopted at 6 weeks, meets one of 14 siblings for the first time.
1:32 | 11/11/11

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1015 but they said the flights early and never had ever -- My daughters that you can't -- that she got -- Yemen -- for 74 years I was an only child. And now -- on a fifteen. Back to all the while making. Just a picture -- hand nothing fancy no cellphone to track down if he was off the plane safe to say this was not your typical waiting -- game. At the airport. I've been freed from this statement. Now that it's clear from day. -- myself virtually Davis was adopted when she was six weeks old her siblings didn't know of her existence. Until her birth mother passed away. She left behind a list with the names of -- -- hits -- -- Sanford as she was aimed at birth. Was -- name they did not recognize her husband of 46 years by her side. Seems unreal -- -- years should be able to. -- -- Overwhelming yes but it was a moment they have been waiting for anticipating. Since 1989. -- any adoptions you can get into the records show. We'll we'll tell you everything. -- ought to be an easier way. We -- -- Lee's older brother Jim Stanford an air force veteran who has traveled all round the most exotic places in the world. Today he couldn't be happier being in Phoenix Arizona. Capsule -- ABC fifteen news.

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{"id":14934882,"title":"Siblings Reunited After 74 Years","duration":"1:32","description":"Rosalie Davis, adopted at 6 weeks, meets one of 14 siblings for the first time.","url":"/US/video/siblings-reunited-74-years-14934882","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}