Single Killer Blamed for N.Y. Deaths

Police believe one person killed 10 victims found near a Long Island beach.
1:09 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for Single Killer Blamed for N.Y. Deaths
The theory is now the we're dealing with one serial killer. One killer with ten victims all of them dumped in the dunes between 1996. And 2010 serial killers evolved to change. The Ramones. -- don't necessarily do the same thing all the time. What's common here is -- dumping ground. The most recent victims were the ones first discovered four known prostitutes found last December -- go beach. In the spring a massive search with dogs helicopters and hundreds of officers turned up another six victims one of them a female -- -- eighteen to 24 months old. DNA links her to one of the adult victims and all of the adult victims appear to be tied to the sex trade the one male victim an Asian man was dressed in women's clothing. To serial killer's work and alone. That you know the girls that he contacted went met him alone. Well now the search began when police were looking for Jersey City prostitute Shannon Gilbert who disappeared from nearby Oak Beach last year she has not been -- now police believe that her disappearance is just a coincidence and not the work of the serial killer they are trying to find.

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{"id":15058003,"title":"Single Killer Blamed for N.Y. Deaths","duration":"1:09","description":"Police believe one person killed 10 victims found near a Long Island beach.","url":"/US/video/single-killer-blamed-for-ny-deaths-15058003","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}