Skeletal Remains Believed to Be Shannan Gilbert

N.Y. police discovery is near where the missing woman's purse was found.
2:23 | 12/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Skeletal Remains Believed to Be Shannan Gilbert
Exactly one year to the day since we first started covering this case when the first -- of bodies for found along ocean parkway one year later the woman had been looking for all -- Shannon Gilbert. Police believe they have finally found. Her remains let's show you video that we shot from news copter seven in the past hour as they created a new crime scene in an area. About a quarter mile to the northeast of where last week they found Shannon Gilbert personal -- her pocketbook. A cell phone and various other things that led her to believe that she had been in this area. Gilbert disappeared in Oak Beach about month and a year and a half ago on May first after a meeting -- a client of hers who had. -- this solicited her for sex on Craigslist. She ran off into the -- here in this marshy area. At that point back on May first of 2010 they searched for her for several months and -- in December they found the first. -- what became ten bodies attributed now to a serial killer. Police now finally have found they believe the body of Shannon Gilbert. They say it was a very very difficult area to search and here's why. It's very easy to miss -- -- skeletal remains in that area again I eight the media. And the public should know. That this is a very tough rambled. Area. Difficult to reverse. You can't walk through that area. That police don't believe Shannon Gilbert was a victim of the serial killer which is a very bizarre twist that we first reported. About two weeks ago they believe that she. In an unrelated case. Possibly on drugs and ran away from the house for secret meeting with her client into this area that was very difficult for her to traverse. And ended up possibly drowning as she was trying to escape. A right now they are waiting official results from the medical examiner to figure out if it is in fact the remains -- Shannon Gilbert of course a lot of new developments in this case on a very important day in the serial killer investigation one year. After they discover they had a serial killer. In this area while a lot more throughout the afternoon that. But for now they believe they have finally close the case of the disappearance of Shannon Gilbert.

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{"id":15146425,"title":"Skeletal Remains Believed to Be Shannan Gilbert","duration":"2:23","description":"N.Y. police discovery is near where the missing woman's purse was found.","url":"/US/video/skeletal-remains-believed-to-be-shannan-gilbert-15146425","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}