Sochi Bound Marine Vet Strives For Gold In Paralympics

After losing one arm, Omar Bermejo is competing for gold in para-Nordic skiing.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for Sochi Bound Marine Vet Strives For Gold In Paralympics
Name is Omar remain you know. And I am -- that -- cross country skier and by athletes. Two and a half years ago. -- -- From the physical. Now when they did this mean we'll rehab -- -- -- -- comes to us as a former marine. And has learned to cross country skiing and pretty quick order. He's -- one armed bandits out -- -- since he's a wonderful. It's if it's a great challenge a large really done a great job. But he's a great fighter. To great representative team USA and I know it is a proud marine and again. Wanting to fight -- Incorrect I did a couple of jobs I kept moving around in total in -- in the Marines -- with nine years well I never really decided to leave the marine marine corps of what happened is. I was in a motorcycle accident. As -- arm at that point I was a pretty good -- -- was in this service. And I was make an -- period. And that came to a screeching halt. It's taken me two years. Really hard training just. Of course that's an adaptive. Flatley and here basically use what -- strong it would be. -- for me. -- and one arm is not -- And -- visualize me in with a strong -- and collision off his -- in an accident. Basically my my arm. The balancing. Instruments. Not for power. So I do good things that to offset my disability. He as taking a really serious approach to being a cross country ski racer and being of our athletes. He is on target to make -- -- team this year. I know that was a big goal is an -- really professionally and and really focused on at a national. I basically. Frame -- of course haven't. It's it's an ongoing thing here you have to you have to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I've been doing my only been doing for two years for me to do that I have to dedicate myself completely. Immersed myself and if you. -- -- He's really pumped up guys great to be a part of team USA and I'm proud to say that -- -- Omar continue to achieve his goals and Russia in Sochi. And so -- if -- can -- an altogether one race. -- the goal. Will be.

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{"id":22291291,"title":"Sochi Bound Marine Vet Strives For Gold In Paralympics","duration":"3:00","description":"After losing one arm, Omar Bermejo is competing for gold in para-Nordic skiing.","url":"/US/video/sochi-bound-marine-vet-strives-gold-paralympics-22291291","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}