Sophisticated Heist Avoids Tripping Alarms

Police in Washington say thieves made off with as much as $1 million in gold.
1:36 | 06/04/14

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Transcript for Sophisticated Heist Avoids Tripping Alarms
So that would have been the top shelf Lisa Katz world -- tarnished now. Now the sparkling storefront but what's in the back with our security cameras -- -- motion detectors I didn't think there is a thing that we can have done that would have improved our security here. An empty safe. Once home to hundreds of pieces of jewelry. Now all that remains is a whole and sure enough it was completely wiped out. All of our inventories stones customer jobs all of -- to understand how they were cleaned out you have to start up above on the roof. This is the first port of entry which is about midnight -- detective Mike Lusk said the well coordinated burglars used some moves no one has ever seen in the south sound. Regardless of studs are being resort ever they cut right through it. They punched holes through walls in neighboring businesses all part of a methodical four hour long hunt starting at midnight. Surveillance video shows them using a small camera to hear inside. And spy in motion sensors and alarms and the -- snake. Lighted scope eventually they found the -- side of the safe sitting in the business next door a sneak attack from behind. Able to reach in and pocket a million dollars of -- is handcrafted artisan pieces. And dozens of jewels belonging to customers all of it gone. We have knowing -- Burglars who made off with the goods without tripping a single alarm if you call criminals professionals this is -- as professionally you can get crooks who started on the roof. And brought a small business to its knees but we don't know -- future holds.

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{"id":23991534,"title":" Sophisticated Heist Avoids Tripping Alarms","duration":"1:36","description":"Police in Washington say thieves made off with as much as $1 million in gold.","url":"/US/video/sophisticated-heist-avoids-tripping-alarms-23991534","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}