Spending the Summer Donating Good Deeds is a Family Affair

Family of child with cancer thankful for the extra help.
1:31 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for Spending the Summer Donating Good Deeds is a Family Affair
Mr. -- is cleaning up after washing the car and -- the law on some much needed help for the Wilson family -- son is one of 200 people each year diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer -- percent in -- six kids are spending their summer vacation doing household chores for complete strangers like no Wilson and his family. Percent wants his kids to learn -- the country. The point is to open their eyes a little bit more about you know what the world outside of themselves looks like. And to understand that there are people that are wonderful people -- have struggles and everybody needs a little you know helping him once in awhile. It's a breath of fresh air for households struggling with the things you and I take for granted like putting down -- -- is one of four kids and -- whose parents work. At -- going to the hospital three times a week and life is busy. And so humbling you know just to have them even offered help -- these things that we need now just don't have the time right now -- we want to. Every family that's involved you know -- -- cancer patient just wants to feel normal again. 2% wanted his kids to learn about hard work and money so he resulted -- -- called my job chart I wanted to also have them work. Hand and so what we're doing is really cracks in what we preach and and this is just a normal extension of what my -- -- -- -- home is one of twenty stops of service for the percent family's twenty day trip. It only I'm Brian Johnson can be -- nine news.

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{"id":24478780,"title":"Spending the Summer Donating Good Deeds is a Family Affair","duration":"1:31","description":"Family of child with cancer thankful for the extra help.","url":"/US/video/spending-summer-donating-good-deeds-family-affair-24478780","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}