Squirrel Pulls Fire Alarm

A nutty rodent in Florida set off a fire alarm in a school kitchen.
0:43 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Squirrel Pulls Fire Alarm
We've got a squirrel. Caught on camera pulling a fire alarm we have business to left. It's like -- yeah. Quickly and this is a good mystery because he pulled -- in the kitchen all the -- -- were interviewed at the school they were like nobody was -- you know in in the kitchen and when this alarm was triggered -- look at the security camera -- SC the mission if possible molds made by the -- well. So very very fascinating and of course it had taken up residence in the school Japan and they amazing that in those bullet. They've all of dialogue. And you can't live in the kitchen now that's that's that's kind of that's owner of -- health and you you'll get into that.

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{"id":15135988,"title":"Squirrel Pulls Fire Alarm","duration":"0:43","description":"A nutty rodent in Florida set off a fire alarm in a school kitchen.","url":"/US/video/squirrel-pulls-fire-alarm-caught-on-tape-15135988","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}