Student Suspended for His Sleeping Teacher Photo

Oklahoma high school student took photo of teacher napping on the job.
1:10 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for Student Suspended for His Sleeping Teacher Photo
It happened last Friday it -- in mid -- As a week was winding down a student decided to -- -- cell phone picture. -- napping substitute teacher not realizing the serious consequences ahead. That student was suspended. In move not settling well with some parents. They thing they should've been reprimanded for not having a fault -- having a phone. But I think that probably took it to the -- because -- -- a teacher doing so the teacher was supposed to do it. The school district won't discuss potential disciplinary action against any student or staff. But officials do say this a student may possess -- telecommunication. Device while on school premises. But the use of -- maybe that was dealing with proof that the -- teacher was actually sleep and used it to direct sleeping and then maybe. School system needs to investigate that. And as far as that matter school officials say they -- take appropriate follow up action at this type of behavior by staff is not tolerated. -- -- -- -- ABC news Oklahoma City.

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{"id":15448080,"title":"Student Suspended for His Sleeping Teacher Photo","duration":"1:10","description":"Oklahoma high school student took photo of teacher napping on the job.","url":"/US/video/student-suspended-for-his-sleeping-teacher-photo-15448080","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}