Are Submarines the New Yachts?

Private submarines take those who can afford them on deep-sea adventures.
0:35 | 03/19/12

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Transcript for Are Submarines the New Yachts?
What is how to with a car -- but imagine getting a submarine. For your birthday. It is happening in fact for some of the very rich. Here's what they look like some of them fit three people in fact. In this contraption -- setback is that champagne -- watch what happens under the sea luxury deep sea diving catch on slowly. -- Bruce Jones who sells these new model submarines -- that he sells about four a year but interest definitely picking up small submarines. They're gonna cost you -- between two and three million dollars each.

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{"id":15955326,"title":"Are Submarines the New Yachts?","duration":"0:35","description":"Private submarines take those who can afford them on deep-sea adventures.","url":"/US/video/submarines-new-yachts-15955326","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}