Digital Program: The Perfect Storm

Superstorm Sandy makes landfall on the East Coast, causing damage, deaths and power outages.
3:00 | 10/30/12

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Transcript for Digital Program: The Perfect Storm
This is an ABC news special report. Bogle and Dan Cutler and New York on this Tuesday that is anything but ordinary from a storm that was of course anything. But ordinary -- sandy. At this point twining confirmed deaths are being reported from the hurricane more than eight million customers are without power across eighteen states. And the flooding the video just unbelievable rescue is in fact are still underway the National Guard coming in from Texas and California. All to help make some rescue efforts possible in New Jersey. Take a look at some of the video. That was shot from Chelsea New York City a four story building that aside simply ripped. Off from the strength of the winds and the rain yesterday. And to the north of there. A fire in Queens at least eighty homes on fire. Firefighters -- and the water -- its chest high making the rescue efforts so incredibly difficult they had actually get people by boat twice by people trapped in apartments. The good news is too minor injuries just back from that intense scene. And a little bit further south in Manhattan at the NYU hospital they had we're back with 200 patients because the generators there. Failed last night twenty patients in fact some including babies. Were all on battery powered rescue respirators they had to be brought down by the stairs essentially on rescue sleds. And taken to other hospitals. And in midtown New York this scene that had a lot of New Yorkers on edge this crane dangling nine these stories up. Some are thinking that it was 95 mile an hour winds yesterday that brought that crane just dangling above the streets they have been cleared off to make sure that obviously know what is -- from any debris that might be falling from that. Right now -- waiting for the winds to die down for the conditions to improve -- so they can bring another crane up there to repair that. A little bit further south from New York City in Atlantic City. There was historic flooding there -- curfew called at 6 o'clock yesterday and that those are just some of the remnants. From the famed historic boardwalk. Power lines are down rescue true crews are trying to get in there to make some kind of order into that area down there that has not seen that amount of flooding. Ever in in fact in New Jersey just west of their governor Chris Christie gave an update about what was happening in his state calling this in fact the worst storm. The state has ever seen. The question of -- Mike -- the reports. There -- seen so far that the devastation that's happened to New Jersey is beyond what's happened to anyone else. News reports are seen so far that -- should come as no shock since that. Storm made land fall here. So. -- tell the people of the state who are able to listen to this who have power watching. In some way we are going to make sure that we do everything we can to get through this as quickly as possible. To restore conditions in the state to normalcy. As soon as we can. Atlantic City one of the hardest hit areas and meteorologist ginger -- weathered out the storm there and ginger I can just hear. The sirens in the win in the back credentials like you guys are out of the woods just yet. The storm even after it passed was even gusty here at last night but then this morning we still have got somewhere between twenty and thirty miles per dollar or other rain has -- -- not but -- right the ambulances. Are going. All morning because last night they -- down emergency evacuation efforts because the people that didn't exactly just had to stay there. It was too dangerous for all of the emergency officials to get to them. They started back up this morning -- -- bringing people here we stayed at the highest point in Atlantic City because everything else was flooded. Literally every road and that we tried to get out that was. And now people are starting to be brought to weird as safer. And -- look -- the boardwalk looks nothing like it was before sandy right now 85000 people. War. As well are people starting to come back coming -- able to get back into their homes -- it's still pretty much off limits. We haven't been able to. We need much from here so we're not quite sure I'm assuming that -- -- keeping people out for awhile there's degree in the streets. Seriously -- and that came up with the ocean. Two and a half blocks from where the sadness that there is a beach in front of people's. Dealers. And what is -- now percent. Yes and now -- Moved into western or central Pennsylvania and it's just weakening as it goes that's going to continue to Lucent -- lies -- remember when you even have a forty to sixty mile per hour wind. You have those Great Lakes with all of that water rushing down I really think we're gonna see some incredible pictures coming out of Chicago. And places like Cleveland that's -- you gonna build -- water. Again and he's not done it's not even called the -- that mixed and it's all just nor'easter we have to deal with super storm overall. But that time it reaches tomorrow and Thursday it will start to pull back lakes the northeast and finally -- us -- -- And adding insult to injury thanks -- Jersey for that report from Atlantic City there I was -- battered around tossed around as so many reporters have -- Making matters worse in Maryland because of -- power outage there under water treatment at a water treatment plant. There are two million gallons of raw sewage now leaking out into a nearby river and officials there trying to get control of that situation but obviously not anything. You can easily get control of any time soon. In Pennsylvania 200 bridges and roads they have been closed all because of flooding there downed trees the governor saying I'm -- just a short time ago. He's -- major concern about those rivers rising even more possibly prompting even more closures. Power outages in fact to more than a million customers and that's just Pennsylvania alone. A little further south Don West Virginia this is the scene that a blizzard warning up right now because they had a foot of snow just yesterday. Seven states in all had three feet of snow from the appalachians. To the Ohio valley obviously -- definitely reeking some problems there and one of the most spectacular sites that we sought to a massive tanker rolled ashore. On Staten Island just by the sheer power of the storm. Reporter Michelle Charles -- from WABC TV in New York City is on the scene in Staten Island Michelle. Is -- unbelievable when we came -- on as we draw up and sought as early this morning this tanker. -- in the water -- and arrows on front street in the -- section of Staten Island. Absolutely enormous 700 tons of this is the narrow and no water -- and the -- Wasn't -- over by the verrazano narrows bridge a mile away sandy. -- -- not pulled away from the marina and brought over to rest here on the streets. And people were pulling up here for awhile to take pictures quite a spectacle here in Staten Island lot of people don't have power a lot of people. Have flooding in their homes the kids are home and they just are kind of going around to see what they can see in this is something they can look at. Where no one was hurt and it just looks like something out of a movie now they've moved a lot of people out of this area. 41 very reason the guys who. Managed the boats have been going on the tanker and trying to crank up the engines their flooded to move it back now -- gonna wait for high tide but. It has been listing a little bit it has been moving with the tide so. We're gonna back stay away from it but this is just one of the more amazing things that we have seen. Out here and Staten Island the Clinton section of Staten Island back to you -- Hi -- unbelievable sight from their Michelle of course in so many other reporters. Braving the elements and a meteorologist to bring us the latest from sandy as she was making her way across the northeast definitely put to the test. -- All right -- we got it will -- -- ground burial site. Not do it again and hang -- to. It comes crashing. Beneath the boardwalk. -- -- -- -- -- Pushing on so -- -- warning. And the waves are picking up quite a great deal as well -- here we come. There's that awful people. This water -- water right here. -- -- standing water for quite some time but now what don't -- and it actually picks it up so much that there are almost white caps. Extension part. -- great tips about how just -- glass breaking out here we detect glass breaking. That hasn't happened debris like people who -- can't think we're not that the impact there. -- do. You think. And that of course is why the evacuation orders. Are always put in place. During a storm of this size of course stick with For the latest on the recovery from the super storm you can also stay up to date with our mobile apps. Keep sending pressure photos we want to leave you now with a few that -- sent to us from the height. Of this superstore. --

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{"id":17598982,"title":"Digital Program: The Perfect Storm","duration":"3:00","description":"Superstorm Sandy makes landfall on the East Coast, causing damage, deaths and power outages.","url":"/US/video/superstorm-sandy-hits-east-coast-digital-coverage-perfect-17598982","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}