Suspect in New Hampshire Student Death Arraigned

Seth Mazzaglia, 29, is charged in the killing of University of New Hampshire sophomore Lizzi Marriott.
3:00 | 10/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Suspect in New Hampshire Student Death Arraigned
The man suspected of killing a nineteen year old college student is being held without bail in New Hampshire jail. 29 year old Seth ms. Anglia is charged for second degree murder. In the killing of Lizzie Mary at a University of New Hampshire -- The -- -- was arraigned Monday in New Hampshire Mary last heard from on Tuesday. Her family says as she met the suspect last summer when the -- worked together target. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen as you -- earlier this morning. -- -- Dalia was arraigned on one count of second degree murder. The complaint alleges that he no -- -- he recklessly caused the death of Elizabeth Lizzie marry out. Under circumstances. Manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life by strangling her -- suffocating her. This crime occurred on October ninth. At one mill street apartment for 31 in Dover at this juncture the Dover police department is now leading this investigation. Because the murder happened in their city. If anybody has any information that they believe would help us in this murder investigation. We are asking that they called the Dover police department a telephone number 603. 742. 4646. If somebody wants to remain anonymous. They can call the Dover crime line at 7496000. A lot of you have asked questions about the search for -- body. I can tell you. But that remains ongoing. Marine patrol continues to search the waters specifically they're looking at the lookout point at -- islands. That is because credible information has led us to that area. Given the Eddie's in the car and there have been a number of challenges. We met with marine patrol a short while ago. They indicated that the search in that area -- last several more days they have not exhausted that search. They will continue to look into that area. Depending on what they find if we locate -- obviously the search will be over if not we will continue to XP in that search. We have not discussed -- -- date we have discussed continuing this until we find her. We are also discussing other tools that we can employ. They have been using sites sonar again depending on the current in the -- that has proven challenging. They're also using an underwater camera. We're exploring the possibility. Of bringing in dogs to may be searched for her. Cadaver dogs in were also notifying the main authorities and the Massachusetts authorities in the event her body. Were to go into those areas that is the scope of the search right now that is the only search that is currently going on.

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{"id":17485451,"title":"Suspect in New Hampshire Student Death Arraigned","duration":"3:00","description":"Seth Mazzaglia, 29, is charged in the killing of University of New Hampshire sophomore Lizzi Marriott.","url":"/US/video/suspect-new-hampshire-student-death-arraigned-17485451","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}