Teacher in Hot Water Over Tea Incident

Witnesses say Michigan teacher doused teens with hot tea to stop brawl.
0:43 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Teacher in Hot Water Over Tea Incident
A high school teacher is -- haul water today after police say she threw hot tea on students to break up a fight. The brawl broke out between two boys in -- high school near Grand Rapids, Michigan on Tuesday that's when witnesses say. The teacher doused the students with a hot -- one victims outraged mother filed a police report about the incidents. But some students are rallying to the teacher's defense. Thought the tear running down my neck to my back in it was burning and I got off to warn him like terrific Diageo for our talking on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And like on of their making got a big fuss about it -- -- -- -- -- get any trouble at all. Police say one student suffered minor burns a teacher is on -- believe. As police investigate the incident.

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{"id":15402974,"title":"Teacher in Hot Water Over Tea Incident","duration":"0:43","description":"Witnesses say Michigan teacher doused teens with hot tea to stop brawl.","url":"/US/video/teacher-in-hot-water-over-tea-incident-15402974","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}