Team USA's Bruising Victory at the World Cup

The win against Ghana also included the fastest American goal in World Cup history.
2:49 | 06/17/14

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Transcript for Team USA's Bruising Victory at the World Cup
The World -- -- -- one that was played and won victory one very big victory for teen USA some players. Our nursing some injuries this morning in Brazil -- -- last night to bruising -- Against -- -- ABC's Molly hunter has all the excitement. 29 seconds that's how long to think -- -- and USA to score on is gonna Monday night. The fastest American goal in World Cup history. Sometimes hundreds -- school early because the other -- -- the push the game you find yourself that a defense Tuesday. But it didn't hurt teen USA today from the kick -- this will be one -- team captain hit the far post. American fans celebrated across. In Afghanistan. And here watch as the US women's team goes wild and -- school. -- fought back. Taking -- -- and -- on Americans goalkeeper Tim Howard. The US team always as a great spirit insights into the last second minute after American star forward Jozy Altidore was carried off the field they hamstring injury. And Dempsey got nailed in the nose. Ghana scored in the 82 minute. That is down with a. The face but three minutes later a massive header from John Brooks into the back of the neck. It hailed as they appear that the 21 year old came off the bench at halftime beginning the first American -- -- ever. To score a goal in the world news. The. -- and some teammates. I had a dream like today's before and that I school and 88 minute and it's now it's the 86. -- -- the that's what room and looks like Ghana has not teen USA out of the previous two World Cup treatment. And now teen USA is looking at a -- -- this second round next up it's Portugal on Sunday. Led by star forward Chris you know we're not that agreement that it's going to be a great game are excited about that what what's all the postgame chatter -- Mike -- analysts on this first -- That the US wasn't at its -- now let's look at the number -- -- controlled 65%. Of the game to the US -- 35%. Possession. Pentagon is 21 shots on goal the US only responded with. And that's how they needed to get through this game it -- was painful sentiments are watching -- at. Really -- possession of the ball so soak your -- heard about the guys who scored the goals. There any other favorites that you -- team that the US defense with her Richie good look and I thought Tim Howard has my events and actors -- and looking good logic. Look at that yeah I know you're absolutely -- another -- possibly -- buts about thank you so much -- made what -- what an incredible Matt --

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{"id":24174632,"title":"Team USA's Bruising Victory at the World Cup","duration":"2:49","description":"The win against Ghana also included the fastest American goal in World Cup history.","section":"US","mediaType":"US ONLY 08"}