Teen Accused of Murdering Teacher Charged As Adult

Philip Chism, 14, a Danvers High School student in Mass., is accused of stabbing Colleen Ritzer, 24.
3:00 | 10/23/13

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Transcript for Teen Accused of Murdering Teacher Charged As Adult
-- a special room. -- company or with a CBC news digital special report to the Massachusetts teen accused of killing a young high school math teacher. We'll be charged as an adult and is now being held without bail fourteen year old Phillip Chisholm made his first court appearance a little before 1 o'clock eastern time. A probable cause hearing has now been set for November 22. Joining us now with -- -- -- from the courtroom as ABC's shall fear Michelle first up I wanted to ask you about this how did police first become aware. That 24 year old math teacher calling -- -- gone missing. -- -- away at our body like Robert that morning went into being that that -- air. Was reported -- in last night acting didn't return home after seeing more will be. That I might abandon that police were -- and actually looking for the teenager and then this morning on the body or its future. And that obviously triggered an investigation inside the school correct. -- treated -- bad days in practice or that would -- them to portrayal of life. -- expect of course but back to the body that was hidden and that was. -- we're looking at some of the courtroom video. And I also understand there -- surveillance video that investigators are now looking now. The -- school -- several. Video camera that's been ongoing and the woman wearing -- -- a lot of now. ABC news spoke with a -- earlier today and here is what they had to say about the teacher calling blitzer. There's no -- starters she's such an excellent teacher com. She did so well to explain everything to me. You know she had picture of the day you know cute puppies -- and find facts and she's just an excellent teachers. I don't know why. She had to die. Denver schools have been shut down for the day to -- Michelle do we know anything else about the relationship between the victim and the suspect. Although -- an unlocked but it. The very typical teacher I don't know -- it -- But what we do acknowledge that they'll let you know what I didn't get hurt you that every entry ramp on an. -- what do we know about the place that he was last seen yesterday. -- seen a movie theater not -- quiet -- not operating at all. And we are ready to return home from double B -- -- -- 48 and it I did well some media. I and it -- on -- ballot in undermine their anger where it. And at fourteen years old he is now being charged as an adult what about his lawyers have they made a statement. Lawyer only say al-Qaeda or that your mother and edit it and thought why they -- it -- there's data being ever. -- clean -- and -- or Eric you're trembling he would wearing a white hearing at one point it. -- Bob Irvin -- why are -- reading on. On the back up your shoulder at you're on a -- I. And we are looking at video of inside the courtroom there. Where he was first brought in the first chance that everyone has seen him. Isn't a guarantee then that he is going to be tried as an adult or is there a possibility he might be tried as juvenile. -- -- where they. Legally complex. Reality United States or. Aren't avert what will. That the trial cannot our current -- are. And are here at police and the evident that the first degree murder. And let. -- aren't at all but you'll be added that -- another matter all. And the next court appearance has that already been determined. Ability probable cause hearing on average -- -- I believe you look -- will be Scott. Right now even though I think Italy -- see negative -- -- -- Which it primarily break out -- matter -- you back in the -- not -- The General Electric opera. Aren't and I are being kept in jail. At this point to investigators we that this is an isolated incident or have they've been looking in other areas for any other potential crimes. It'll get it I hated it. And very well I'll bet that didn't utter wreck. I'm TL a within the war but that's why did -- -- vote. Michelle who who else was in a courtroom. This for this afternoon's hearing. I got -- what they're already and you are. We not -- did not -- any. -- remember the white rural teacher. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you're and it isn't merely that it bought about what -- right not. -- if he was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't eat it -- a lot of that aren't like -- air liked working where you look at me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But one about it -- act act of -- seen it quite a bit and. -- Michelle I I know that she said that he was a transfer student from Tennessee -- transfer at the beginning of the school you're ready and your last year as well. -- -- -- Rubber -- that you're very you're art and -- you know it would -- black -- letter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- on Larry you know why why he is back at their -- -- any that it won't. Air. It out -- He hit a ball what lie -- albeit very -- ABC contributor Michelle entry on the phone with us from Massachusetts Michelle thank you for that. We do have a complete report on abcnews.com. Fourteen year old not charged in the death of the 24 year old teacher in Massachusetts. Of course that is the very latest if there are additional updates afternoon and we will happen right here for an on campus -- New York. With this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20661105,"title":"Teen Accused of Murdering Teacher Charged As Adult","duration":"3:00","description":"Philip Chism, 14, a Danvers High School student in Mass., is accused of stabbing Colleen Ritzer, 24.","url":"/US/video/teen-accused-murdering-teacher-charged-adult-20661105","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}