Teens Arrested for Targeting Jewish Summer Camp

Pennsylvania authorities charge three adults, two minors with assault and vandalism.
1:42 | 07/26/12

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Transcript for Teens Arrested for Targeting Jewish Summer Camp
Investigators say this summer camp for young Jewish -- and teenagers became a target for ethnic intimidation in Wayne county. Not once not twice but three times a white pickup truck answered this property -- way mark. In the early morning hours and began wreaking -- These kinds of various property damage. Chased. Campers in the truck through the camp. Yelled ethnic Steelers -- -- unspeakable. And also. Shot a paintball gun at some campers heating one with the people -- Police have charged Tyler call from Tennessee along with mark trail and -- -- Robertson. Both of Wayne county. Two other juvenile are also involved they're facing a slew of charges including assault vandalism and terroristic threats the whole situation has seeking sun at the -- -- Certainly upsetting but think of things where we're where we're really taking care very quickly makes me feel a lot better having the responsibility of all these boys in camp. It was a -- unsettling and. Police say they caught up with the suspects after a separate incidents where Spencer hitting camp counselor with his pick up at the Turkey -- -- sale. And took off before being stopped in Delaware county New York. Campers and counselors who have been coming here for decades Dayton now that the suspects are in custody. They hope things get back to normal here in Clinton Township assured there was definitely stressful -- Until we heard that they. Represented people like camp on means say they're hopeful justices aren't. And their campers can now focus on more important things we pray every day we pray every day prayer for peace in the whole world. And that includes every area of the world.

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{"id":16861771,"title":"Teens Arrested for Targeting Jewish Summer Camp","duration":"1:42","description":"Pennsylvania authorities charge three adults, two minors with assault and vandalism.","url":"/US/video/teens-arrested-for-targeting-jewish-summer-camp-16861771","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}