Tips For Succeeding in Business

LinkedIn's co-founder, Reid Hoffman, shares advice and insight with Marine Corp Veteran.
3:00 | 10/22/12

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Transcript for Tips For Succeeding in Business
I -- Bob Woodruff and as part of our series standing up for heroes. We've been introducing you to veterans who are meeting with managers who are very accomplished in their fields. One of them was a veteran marine Jennifer -- Brack to had a chance to meet with Reid Hoffman. Now Reid Hoffman is an extremely impressive -- -- -- co-founder of Linkedin and Angel investor and social media game changer FaceBook. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. By introducing read and Jennifer we hope to give her access not only says that his very valuable insight. But to the hundreds upon hundreds of connections that -- had. I think this -- In any -- to -- the question is how do you. Max with the full potential how do you hope people take the most control of their lives. To -- for -- their own life and for the contribution to society. They get -- get rid of being shot as he addressed -- reason enough to shop does not because. You know -- -- Broxton in -- -- -- it's. You have opportunities to help each other and actually especially isn't that a lot of people care it's not a question of shyness as much as question of engage. How do you -- -- this world where you've got -- huge success but -- you've got a lot of failures to one of the things that Silicon Valley. Tends to be known for -- is this phrase fail fast. And the reason -- feel fast not because you want failure because if you fail and -- you can get to success in the long term much faster. Three. Jennifer then sat down with -- to discuss how to succeed quickly. Think you offered being willing to reach out. -- parents. -- have any advice for someone like me to you. -- maybe get out of -- level positions and into leadership girls don't just how looked from the path of clean up new. Think about what path you could make yourself. In order to move from. The work that you're doing the work that you wanna -- -- whether its leadership. Management -- -- -- -- kind of on the right track -- and -- to and program management. This that can be yours this program. Yes -- -- perhaps you've done -- -- with India for feedback. In terms what kind and you can improve in terms of what you're doing. -- People if you say look what I'm trying to do is do this much better everyone and it's much more sympathetic. Because because -- like great because it would help their lives of July to -- one other thing that I wanted to ask you about entrepreneurship is something it it's always been a treat them mine but I don't have. Something out common passion heart you know real idea Valentino you know what your -- coming. So for me like -- going tonight I was like well the Internet is changing in the fact that everyone's gonna happen identity online. And -- the work is changing and that every person needs -- think of themselves as a business. If you know when your heart that you wanted to entrepreneurship. Get as close -- -- So go work kind of entrepreneurial company the game is very different and then what you learn and working NA and a big company. You don't have the infrastructure you know have the support. One of the metaphors -- used for entrepreneurship. Is just throw yourself flipping someone airplane tumbling down your case may -- -- helicopter. The key thing is to figure out where do you see a way of solving -- problem that other people don't -- And in evaluating whether -- -- and the company. Jennifer also met with meg -- house Lincoln's head of social impact. I was asking -- and I ask you as well. You know getting out of these entry level jobs and get into something that's you know more -- leadership and responsibility. And you know what's what is the fastest way to do that pattern may be the vastly. Frank I think one of the first things to do it is taxed at fault is -- by my dad keep me in college -- is around taking a professor at the class. -- -- -- finding accompanied his values condition -- map to what you care about me. And something less focused on the specific job function and be joining accompanying that you believe there passionate about the opportunities dispatch -- full. When I was fifteen Andy Murray. You know the able to do you and then when -- the greens I had no idea. I heard a quote ones that if you're silly -- focused on -- direction you lose out on -- -- that come across your radar screen. So I I don't I don't think you should feel like. Your view that you're somehow lost because you know which when -- jail I think it gives you great apple TV to be open to lots of opportunities in the right when you'll see yet you know it and -- comes across. Now this is not going to be the last time that -- and Jennifer and may get together their relationship is going to continue.

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{"id":17534241,"title":"Tips For Succeeding in Business","duration":"3:00","description":"LinkedIn's co-founder, Reid Hoffman, shares advice and insight with Marine Corp Veteran.","url":"/US/video/tips-succeeding-business-17534241","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}