Trio Planned for Sex Acts With Dog: Cops

Arizona police arrest three suspects for alleged plot to have sex with a dog.
1:09 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for Trio Planned for Sex Acts With Dog: Cops
You've been arrested or one count of conspiracy to commit -- reality it's the first time in these three suspects face their charges. Arrested after investigators say undercover officer responded to their Craigslist ad looking to perform sex acts on -- dog. I'm not very happy with -- us. This type of abuse of animals. And use in the so web site for this site for rulers of Craig list for this type of book activity. According to court documents Shane Walker posted the -- to fulfill his -- -- -- Police believe the woman was planning on performing sex sacks on the dog. While the two men watched. The test shows -- the sickness. That we have within our society. When you look at this type of activity -- -- a mess around what our animals I'm very strong. On defending our animals. The sheriff's office tells us Craigslist is a popular place for these types of ads. And investigators are keeping a close watch. People -- they're under underground cold. They understand what's happening when they do usually -- should encourage flinch.

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{"id":15826049,"title":"Trio Planned for Sex Acts With Dog: Cops","duration":"1:09","description":"Arizona police arrest three suspects for alleged plot to have sex with a dog.","url":"/US/video/trio-planned-sex-acts-on-dog-according-to-police-15826049","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}