Truck Crashes into Courthouse: Caught on Tape

Good Samaritans helped track down the driver after he left the crash scene.
1:11 | 10/26/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Truck Crashes into Courthouse: Caught on Tape
Damage here at the crash scene that He can still see this get mark since then broken glass all the damage plants. Crews are trying to repair that damage from where that driver crashed into the bill today. We're Tony took off running -- -- look for people sit across the street at that rests not the driver may have gotten away with it. This is the first look at surveillance video we obtained it captured the crash -- the driver identified by police as 26 year old -- James Warner greens -- loses control of this pickup truck and crashed his head on into the greens Burke county courthouse annex. You start walking that He starts burning down the street. We -- don't like it got back here alone driving. Just kept running I -- I -- it. Jason after the Dell says He and his buddy -- Warner watch the middle of the screening you can see them running they chased him for about three blocks and finally caught up with that He was. Completely out of it I get no -- soon He didn't realize it crashed into. The elevator shaft He said it wasn't him. It all happened around 1030 Sunday night take a close look at the damage authorities say Warner who is driving a G and C roofing -- went -- handicap ramp. We know for a flower bed and slammed head on into that elevator shaft.

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{"id":14822285,"title":"Truck Crashes into Courthouse: Caught on Tape","duration":"1:11","description":"Good Samaritans helped track down the driver after he left the crash scene.","url":"/US/video/truck-crashes-courthouse-caught-tape-14822285","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}