University of Texas Evacuated After Bomb Threat

School in Austin lets people back into buildings after campus is deemed safe.
3:00 | 09/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for University of Texas Evacuated After Bomb Threat
As you know we had. A threat of an explosive or -- group of explosives on our campus this morning. We have a protocol to -- deal would close we have a very sophisticated. Crisis management caveman. And food safety -- Those sort of that is devaluation of credibility of the situation. That starts. Virtually. Immediately. The threat was four. An explosive later in the morning. -- first step is to evaluate. Situation during that we. Or working with. City. Had. Federal and other government told. Afforded -- -- team that valuation is. Regard to the point. Where we thought the prudent thing to do was to clear or buildings. -- -- Always -- question about the credibility of threat. As you know there was threat. And North Dakota also. Or valuation. Continued -- where you could not assure ourselves. That this was not a credible threat. Who couldn't assure ourselves and otherwise. Shall we thought the prudent thing to do -- -- -- of the -- we did that through social media we have -- -- -- Buildings -- we're very expeditiously. Before the time of -- Threatened. Issues. And we are very confident now working live. Against state -- officials federal officials. We can't go into the details. Of why are we. Every detail -- we know this but we are extremely confident. That the campus is safe. We are allowing. People back into the village. -- -- would be ready to resume operations. Very expeditiously. But we do have an issue doubt once students or. And -- certain mode. As to what the class schedule will be in the afternoon. It is very hard to regime that she was canceled classes for the afternoon not that we would not be in -- -- situation. Put them on but once the students dispersed. And there were some reports. In the media that classes were canceled student who rely on that. So we. Canceled classes for today full operation forward to. 5 o'clock on the campus he viewed. Defendant will return on the campus and again through a variety of sources. We are very confident or -- she's safe. Going forward.

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{"id":17238039,"title":"University of Texas Evacuated After Bomb Threat","duration":"3:00","description":"School in Austin lets people back into buildings after campus is deemed safe.","url":"/US/video/university-texas-evacuated-bomb-threat-17238039","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}