Utah Boy Killed by Toy Cannon

Robby Ostberg, 14, died when a replica cannon accidentally fired.
1:10 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Utah Boy Killed by Toy Cannon
Only fourteen year old Robbie arts burg knows what set -- a mini cannon in his home. Police say he died when a blast from the Cameron hit him in the face -- Mosul -- basically. Anybody who common sense does not stick their head of but when children see something to reform. It's why city. It was just a model. It was just sit back. I guess you'd say it -- You know at the -- can -- something like that and want to -- And looks like a toy gun experts say. Parents need to treated like a weapon recipients. They're basically black powder rifle you know -- -- -- that powder. And we finally reject. They can be very dangerous these -- cannons are openly marketed on the Internet. They're sold to anyone who has a credit card a former consumer products effective beneath him and this season. One does have to say that a product that functions like a gun but looks just like its way. Is a troubling product perhaps it's time for lawmakers or at least for families that are looking to take care of their children to take a closer look at some of these products.

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{"id":15437086,"title":"Utah Boy Killed by Toy Cannon","duration":"1:10","description":"Robby Ostberg, 14, died when a replica cannon accidentally fired.","url":"/US/video/utah-boy-killed-by-toy-cannon-15437086","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}